Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Done now

I'm done now. No more surgeries please. kthxbye. 

The Princess has reflux. If you recall from here and here the Princess was born with 2 ureters on the right kidney. One of them was not emptying into the bladder correctly. So they did surgery and wound up putting the two of them in a new spot right next to each other. Seems as if the weaker of the two ureters now has reflux. 


A) Wait and see. Do nothing. Keep her on amoxicillin and see if it resolves itself. 
B) Traditional surgery.
C) Deflux--outpatient procedure in which they inject a substance to bulk up the weak muscle around the ureter in the hope that it will function better. 

A) would be great if she was born with reflux, but she wasn't. This is because her ureter is weak. I can't see it resolving itself and the doc said the odds weren't great. We run the risk of needing to do surgery anyway, only when she is older and I am either pregnant or already have another baby.

B) 90% success rate. But another surgery... another incision. Another night in the hospital. Another recovery. 
C) 80% success rate. No side effects. Outpatient and she's back to normal as soon as the anesthesia wears off. if it doesn't work she can still have traditional surgery. It it does work she's only had to go through a procedure. 

Vader and I haven't discussed it yet since he went to work immediately after we left the doc's office. I'm leaning towards option C. The surgeon stressed that all 3 options are acceptable and that there was no immediate rush to do anything. She's not in life-threatening danger. The kidney itself looks great. No damage is being done and as long as she doesn't get more infections she's okay. Looks like we'll be on the amoxicillin for a while. We have to e-mail the surgeon and let him know how we want to proceed. 

I am SO done with this crap. Only I'm not. And that's the sad part. 

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Shinesalot said...

Wow. I am shaking...because I am so frustrated it has to be like this. Seems like no matter which choice, you still have stress and worry...at least until it's resolved. At least it's not life-theatening...if we are in the mood for looking at silver linings. She's a trouper, though!

Felice said...

Nuts! That sucks! I'm sending positive thoughts your way...

Jedi Mama said...

Thanks. I thought we were done with this so it's really really disappointing.

medlibrarygirl said...

Hugs, sweetie. I'm just now getting around to reading this. Hopefully option C will work perfectly and there will be no more procedures.