Saturday, June 21, 2008

Um. Scary?

Remember yesterday I mentioned SkyWalker stabbed himself and was oozing blood? This morning I'm nursing the Princess and he's laying on my legs because that's what he does and he says:

"I need to clean the big mess in my bathroom from when I got the tylenol."
I said "huh?"
He said "My finger hurt so I got the tylenol."
I said "If you think you need tylenol you ask Mommy and Daddy. And even if you could get it you couldn't open it."
He said " Yes, I oped it!"
I say "What??" thinking he's full of crap.

When I'm done with the Princess I go in the bathroom. The infant motrin is there in the sink. Unopened. The children's tylenol is on the counter. Opened. I said "Did you take some??" He said "Yes. 3" He clarified that he put a little bit in the cup but that he did that more than once, possibly 3 times. He did this sometime last night so I think if he was going to get sick it would have happened by now. All of the medicine is on the very top shelf of the medicine cabinet. He climbed on the sink in order to get it. So now I'll have to take all of that out and put it in some type of closed container and put it in the top of the bathroom closet so that he can't get to it. Luckily he is not a wild child who would drink the whole thing. But it's still pretty scary. Particularly since he left it out and had he not told me the Princess would have crawled in there and she WOULD have taken the whole thing.

Good times. Not.

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Shinesalot said...

That IS scary! We had to move all the kiddie meds a while back b/c Littleman could climb up and reach the cabinet. AND, he loves the taste of the grape tylenol and is ofen trying to get some for his "boo boo" or "stomachache." Scary stuff....glad he's okay.

Felice said...

ACK! That is crazy. I would have been scared out of my mind! So glad he's OK.BTW: just read your other post and I wrote about the "ladies" comment, too! Too funny.