Thursday, June 26, 2008


I came home from work last night and ripped the wallpaper behind the fridge and above the cabinets on the last wall that needed to be done. I finished up at 10:30ish. And then I saw this:

Gah! Hidden away underneath a shelf. After breakfast I got back to work and now it is like this:

And I can officially say that I am done with the wallpaper in the kitchen. I didn't think I was going to be able to do it myself. Aside from some help from SkyWalker (and my sister the very first day), I did it all myself. I'm not doing anymore. I am paying to do the rest. I don't care how much it costs me.

We've been doing pretty crappy with our letters of the week. Partly because I've been doing the wallpaper. But I've also been focusing more on his social development and playdates and things like that. And he's been spelling a lot each time he insists on checking his e-mail. He's doing a lot of things on his own now--playdough, making cards for people with happy face balloons and scribbles that say "Hi Dear [name] I love you." So he's still learning.

I've been presented with an opportunity at work. To do less of it. It would be easier for the schedule if I worked less. And we know it would be easier for me... originally I thought I would need the money of two nights a week. But how many nights have I missed??? And I haven't made any of that time up so clearly I can do without it. I'm sure Vader would appreciate having another night to stay late at work. I need to talk to him tonight but I think I can sell him on it particularly when he realizes how much time I've had to take off since I started back here. It's been A LOT.

I have been helping people all night long. Reading list books. SRP questions. There is a karaoke program going on down the hall. I missed last summer because I was having that baby. So this is the first summer for me of teen programming that I'm not a part of. Feels kind of weird.... and relaxing. :-)

I have a crapload of cleaning to do before our playdate tomorrow. I'm not going crazy though since everything is going to be covered in dust next week anyway. It'll be more of a straightening up than a cleaning. We have to get everything out of the kitchen and living room this weekend. Won't that be fun? I also have to pack for the 3 of us.

Just for fun:

Holy crapcakes it's busy. I leave you with this-- a little boy who used to come in a long time ago and is a bit off his rocker just told me all about Dale Earnhardt and then asked me how the husband was. I said good. He said "And the kid?" I said, "I have two now." He said "Two? Adoption?" I said no, He said "both born?" (What the hell??) I said "yup." He says "That husband is one lucky sonofagun, If it wasn't for him I would have gotten to you!" and proceeds to tell me how he will strangle god when he "gets up there" because of this. Good times, yo.

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Shinesalot said...

Hey do I know that little guy? Is it the young gentleman that always came in with his grandmother? If so, what a riot!!!! If not, still a frickin' riot!!!

Shinesalot said...

I meant to add, NICE job on the wall paper. IMPRESSIVE! That was A LOT of work!

Bee said...

OMG! I love that kid! (I am sure it's the person Shinesalot asked about)... Waaaayyy to funny! It's weird to think that it has been a full year since I took over for you... But, I'm glad to know that my "chicken with its head cut off" routine helps you to appreciate not being the one in charge of the Teens anymore... Whatever I can do to help! Teeheehee...