Monday, June 23, 2008


That is the sound my back is making. But it is worth it. 

I started the day out praying to the wallpaper gods. By the end I had totally made the wallpaper my bitch. I have one section left to do. Part of it is behind the fridge. I'll have to decide if I will move the fridge out and take the wallpaper or just leave it. Our fridge is at the corner so you can kind of see behind it. I guess it'll depend on how smoothly the rest comes off. 

My "mother's helper" has been here twice so far (including today). The first time the kids started out shy and then warmed up rather quickly. Today there was no hesitation. It's so funny to hear SkyWalker playing with someone else. And the Princess did well too, as long as she couldn't see or hear me. I know I could be saving myself $20 a week by having my MIL come over but I don't want to do that and I think it's better for the kids to be around other people. They both have the tendency to be shy and I'm really trying to break that. 

The thunderstorms woke SkyWalker up last night at 2:30 in the morning. Much crying. Vader had to go up and I think he may have even laid down with him to calm him down. We got rained out of another playground playdate today. It's getting very annoying. 

The Princess has her ultrasound and VCUG tomorrow. Hopefully everything is all clear. I'd really rather she not need another surgery. One is enough I think. Personally I think we've had all the surgeries we should need forever. But I'm sure by the time #4 comes it will be missing an entire kidney. Or have 3 testicles. Something like that. 

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ayanna said...

poor babies. how are you doing?