Friday, June 27, 2008


We have a playdate in half an hour. Approximately one hour ago I was getting myself dressed and thinking how nice it was that the children play so well together that I can leave them in the living room. Then I came out to get a load of laundry done and to get them dressed. And I entered Chaos. 

Every single toy was on the floor. All of our toy shelves were moved into different locations. It was total madness. I know it will be like this at the end of our playdate, but I really don't want it to start out that way. They were playing with everything, so it wasn't pointless mayhem but it was irritating nonetheless. We cleaned up and got dressed and now we are watching Curious George as the Princess sleeps and I try to be in a better mood. 

I decided to buy the kids a kitchen set. I know. I picked one out on Amazon last week, put it in my cart. On Tuesday after the Princess's ultrasound I decided to go ahead with it. It had doubled in price! Yesterday I decided what the hell and went to checkout. In addition to double the price, shipping was $93!!! It was only available online but I did some more searching and Wal-Mart had it for the same price (the higher one) but with $24 shipping. And then I saw that it could be shipped to the local Wal-Mart store for free shipping! Bonus! So I'm doing that. After all our traveling is done it should be put together and we'll have this:

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Thursday, June 26, 2008


I came home from work last night and ripped the wallpaper behind the fridge and above the cabinets on the last wall that needed to be done. I finished up at 10:30ish. And then I saw this:

Gah! Hidden away underneath a shelf. After breakfast I got back to work and now it is like this:

And I can officially say that I am done with the wallpaper in the kitchen. I didn't think I was going to be able to do it myself. Aside from some help from SkyWalker (and my sister the very first day), I did it all myself. I'm not doing anymore. I am paying to do the rest. I don't care how much it costs me.

We've been doing pretty crappy with our letters of the week. Partly because I've been doing the wallpaper. But I've also been focusing more on his social development and playdates and things like that. And he's been spelling a lot each time he insists on checking his e-mail. He's doing a lot of things on his own now--playdough, making cards for people with happy face balloons and scribbles that say "Hi Dear [name] I love you." So he's still learning.

I've been presented with an opportunity at work. To do less of it. It would be easier for the schedule if I worked less. And we know it would be easier for me... originally I thought I would need the money of two nights a week. But how many nights have I missed??? And I haven't made any of that time up so clearly I can do without it. I'm sure Vader would appreciate having another night to stay late at work. I need to talk to him tonight but I think I can sell him on it particularly when he realizes how much time I've had to take off since I started back here. It's been A LOT.

I have been helping people all night long. Reading list books. SRP questions. There is a karaoke program going on down the hall. I missed last summer because I was having that baby. So this is the first summer for me of teen programming that I'm not a part of. Feels kind of weird.... and relaxing. :-)

I have a crapload of cleaning to do before our playdate tomorrow. I'm not going crazy though since everything is going to be covered in dust next week anyway. It'll be more of a straightening up than a cleaning. We have to get everything out of the kitchen and living room this weekend. Won't that be fun? I also have to pack for the 3 of us.

Just for fun:

Holy crapcakes it's busy. I leave you with this-- a little boy who used to come in a long time ago and is a bit off his rocker just told me all about Dale Earnhardt and then asked me how the husband was. I said good. He said "And the kid?" I said, "I have two now." He said "Two? Adoption?" I said no, He said "both born?" (What the hell??) I said "yup." He says "That husband is one lucky sonofagun, If it wasn't for him I would have gotten to you!" and proceeds to tell me how he will strangle god when he "gets up there" because of this. Good times, yo.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Done now

I'm done now. No more surgeries please. kthxbye. 

The Princess has reflux. If you recall from here and here the Princess was born with 2 ureters on the right kidney. One of them was not emptying into the bladder correctly. So they did surgery and wound up putting the two of them in a new spot right next to each other. Seems as if the weaker of the two ureters now has reflux. 


A) Wait and see. Do nothing. Keep her on amoxicillin and see if it resolves itself. 
B) Traditional surgery.
C) Deflux--outpatient procedure in which they inject a substance to bulk up the weak muscle around the ureter in the hope that it will function better. 

A) would be great if she was born with reflux, but she wasn't. This is because her ureter is weak. I can't see it resolving itself and the doc said the odds weren't great. We run the risk of needing to do surgery anyway, only when she is older and I am either pregnant or already have another baby.

B) 90% success rate. But another surgery... another incision. Another night in the hospital. Another recovery. 
C) 80% success rate. No side effects. Outpatient and she's back to normal as soon as the anesthesia wears off. if it doesn't work she can still have traditional surgery. It it does work she's only had to go through a procedure. 

Vader and I haven't discussed it yet since he went to work immediately after we left the doc's office. I'm leaning towards option C. The surgeon stressed that all 3 options are acceptable and that there was no immediate rush to do anything. She's not in life-threatening danger. The kidney itself looks great. No damage is being done and as long as she doesn't get more infections she's okay. Looks like we'll be on the amoxicillin for a while. We have to e-mail the surgeon and let him know how we want to proceed. 

I am SO done with this crap. Only I'm not. And that's the sad part. 

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Monday, June 23, 2008


That is the sound my back is making. But it is worth it. 

I started the day out praying to the wallpaper gods. By the end I had totally made the wallpaper my bitch. I have one section left to do. Part of it is behind the fridge. I'll have to decide if I will move the fridge out and take the wallpaper or just leave it. Our fridge is at the corner so you can kind of see behind it. I guess it'll depend on how smoothly the rest comes off. 

My "mother's helper" has been here twice so far (including today). The first time the kids started out shy and then warmed up rather quickly. Today there was no hesitation. It's so funny to hear SkyWalker playing with someone else. And the Princess did well too, as long as she couldn't see or hear me. I know I could be saving myself $20 a week by having my MIL come over but I don't want to do that and I think it's better for the kids to be around other people. They both have the tendency to be shy and I'm really trying to break that. 

The thunderstorms woke SkyWalker up last night at 2:30 in the morning. Much crying. Vader had to go up and I think he may have even laid down with him to calm him down. We got rained out of another playground playdate today. It's getting very annoying. 

The Princess has her ultrasound and VCUG tomorrow. Hopefully everything is all clear. I'd really rather she not need another surgery. One is enough I think. Personally I think we've had all the surgeries we should need forever. But I'm sure by the time #4 comes it will be missing an entire kidney. Or have 3 testicles. Something like that. 

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Um. Scary?

Remember yesterday I mentioned SkyWalker stabbed himself and was oozing blood? This morning I'm nursing the Princess and he's laying on my legs because that's what he does and he says:

"I need to clean the big mess in my bathroom from when I got the tylenol."
I said "huh?"
He said "My finger hurt so I got the tylenol."
I said "If you think you need tylenol you ask Mommy and Daddy. And even if you could get it you couldn't open it."
He said " Yes, I oped it!"
I say "What??" thinking he's full of crap.

When I'm done with the Princess I go in the bathroom. The infant motrin is there in the sink. Unopened. The children's tylenol is on the counter. Opened. I said "Did you take some??" He said "Yes. 3" He clarified that he put a little bit in the cup but that he did that more than once, possibly 3 times. He did this sometime last night so I think if he was going to get sick it would have happened by now. All of the medicine is on the very top shelf of the medicine cabinet. He climbed on the sink in order to get it. So now I'll have to take all of that out and put it in some type of closed container and put it in the top of the bathroom closet so that he can't get to it. Luckily he is not a wild child who would drink the whole thing. But it's still pretty scary. Particularly since he left it out and had he not told me the Princess would have crawled in there and she WOULD have taken the whole thing.

Good times. Not.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Good times

Highlights from today's baby playdate:

1. SkyWalker poops with the door open and yells "I pooped" so that I can come and wipe him. 

2. SkyWalker uses his scissors to cut up pieces of cord for babies to choke on and stabs himself and oozes blood that I have to bandage. 

3. SkyWalker TALKS to someone. Woo-hoo! He apparently does so much better in smaller group situations (one mom and baby) and when the pressure is off him. It wasn't his playdate. So he was funny and cute and talked and was pretty normal. At one point he was talking about the abacus he has and he said that he does it "with Daddy not with ladies." How funny is that?? At least he's polite and called her a lady. :-) And when our guests left he very nicely said goodbye and followed it up with "Drive your own car!" in case she might get confused and take Mommy's. (He says the same thing to me and Vader when we leave--Drive your car Mommy. Drive your car Daddy.)

The Princess seemed to have a really good time playing too. It was nice to see her interacting with another baby her age instead of just her big brother. I think at one point she wanted to kiss him. She needed to go down for a nap and got pretty cranky but I do think her molars must be getting close to breaking through. It was really nice for her to have a playdate instead of it being big kids and her getting a little overwhelmed and wanting to cling to Mommy. I think it was nice for Mommy too.... 

Remember the maid of honor dress fiasco? Wasn't ready when I picked it up and I had to wait for her to hem it? My mother brought the dress to where we bought it (I brought it down to LI with me so it's there and I don't have to worry about it) and they were shocked at how horrible of a job this woman did. So when I'm down there next I have to go there and have a fitting and they're going to fix it. I probably should ask for my money back but I just paid and left without really inspecting it so it's kind of my own fault. I should have just had the dress altered on LI to begin with but I didn't think about that. 

The Princess sounds like she is trying to kick her way out of her crib right now. I think she's still sleeping. She's just kicking. I'm sure she's going to be climbing her way out much sooner than I am ready for.

I have to work this weekend and all I want to do is sleep. It's not like that would happen if I wasn't working. Vader would be out all day mowing the lawn and it would be just another day for me. Next weekend we'll be clearing out the living room and kitchen in anticipation of the floor refinishing. Which reminds me I have more wallpaper I need to get down before then. Ack!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008


How's this for coincidence? Last year I bought Vader a Mini iPod for the hell of it. I only bought the mini because that's what I could afford. The other night he asked if there was a way to make it bigger. Tee-hee. Like software that would expand it. You know what I did. I bought him an 80G Classic. It came yesterday and SkyWalker and I drooled over it because we just have a 30G. I've noticed some odd behavior from my iPod lately. Today the date/time was wrong and I watched the full battery drain in a minute or 2. Yup, I need a new battery. If I was mean I'd keep the 80G and give Vader my 30G and let him get a battery. But I'm not mean. I'm going to get a battery and kit to do it myself and if I kill the iPod ... I have a birthday coming up.

We went to the foot doctor again on Tuesday. The X-ray came back normal. He suspects that I'm holding my foot wrong when I walk so instead of the ace bandage I was wearing they made a new one that will give more support to the bottom of my foot. And he wants to see me again in 3 weeks. Good times.

The Princess is not only crawling up the stairs, she is now going down. She crawls up while holding on to the pipe-railing we have (a series of pipes between the upper banister and the bottom so that tiny heads cannot get squeezed into it and also so little hands can reach a railing), and then she climbs down a few steps, and then climbs back up a few and then back down a few so that every trip takes twice as long. If I pick her up there is much drama. She's getting good practice going down the stairs though. She's not doing the butt-thing that most kids do. It's hilarious. She won't walk by herself but give her something to climb and she's all over it. I have a feeling in the fall she will be the one doing gymnastics when big brother is in preschool.

I've contemplated taking them both to swimming classes at the Y. I think SkyWalker would benefit from it and I KNOW the Princess would love it. The only thing stopping me is that I would have to pay the sign up fee again since I quit years ago, I would have to pay the monthly fee AND the swim fee. At least I think that's what it is. Maybe I should check first. If all I'm doing is swim classes maybe I don't have to pay the monthly charge. That's a lot of money when you add it all up.... and while I think the Princess will be fine because I'll be with her, what if SkyWalker decides he doesn't want to do it after all? That would be all too familiar... I wonder if we can try it out first.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Before the Princess's birthday people asked what we wanted. I had no idea. So we said clothes and some musical things because she is so into music. I'm grateful for everything we received for her, but naturally a month after her birthday there are two things I see she would enjoy. A little bike since she tries to climb on her brother's. And a kitchen set. The two of them had all of my pots and pans out yesterday. She's into all of our cabinets in ways that her brother never was (but now is because of her). I can't keep her away from the stove. When I'm cooking and she's trying to squeeze her way to the oven I can just see a nice kitchen set in the corner with her own cabinets to open and pots to bang. But it's past her birthday and I don't like buying the kids big things without having a real reason.

That is not what I regret.

What I regret is that she is 1 year and 1 month old and I never did her footprint/handprints. Last summer I kept saying "I have to do that, have to do that." It took 3 of us to do SkyWalker's when he was 2 months old. I can't do hers by myself. I couldn't do it last summer and I sure couldn't do it now. I look at her little hands and they've grown so much. She will never be a tiny baby again and I missed that opportunity. I keep saying now that I need to get it done before she gets even bigger... and time just slips away because I never have the help. What makes it worse is that we have somehow lost the little pink sign that the hospital put in her bassinet that had her name and weight and her prints. When I did her scrapbook I confirmed that we just don't have it. So I have nothing. I know I'll get the prints done,  but it won't be the same.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008


I did not nurse the Princess last night. 

I know. I didn't nurse her Wednesday or Thursday night either, so what's the big deal? Last night was the first night I made the decision not to do it. Tuesday night I tried to feed her and she squirmed out of my arms so she could crawl after her brother into the bathroom, climb up the step stool and brush her teeth. Thursday night Vader didn't give her a sippy cup of milk at bedtime and she slept just fine. So last night as it got later and later and closer to bedtime I just decided not to offer. If she still wanted me she could have asked. She didn't. 

She did still nurse this morning and I'll keep that going for the next few weeks. I have to remind myself that I've been doing this for 13 months now. She came out of me ready and raring to go and she did really well. She started to lose interest as soon as she had a taste of big people food, but we still kept it going. I was lucky enough to be home with her all day and not have to pump that often. We did really well and it's a lot to be proud of but it's still a little sad. A couple of people have asked if she's my last. I can see how it would be harder to let go with your last, but I don't see how's it's any *easier* to let go now. She's not my last and I know I'll do it again, but this is about her and me. Not about my breastfeeding future. It's about our relationship changing. She's growing up, getting independent. And as much as we all want that for our children and we try to guide them there, it's still sad when it starts to happen. 

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Clever titles elude me

It's so hard losing a relative or a loved one. It must be a thousand times harder when you see it plastered all over the news. Or hearing about it for the first time on the radio. My heart goes out to Shinesalot and the rest of her husband's family mourning Uncle Tim. 

Damn these miles between us. 

We had another playdate today. SkyWalker was a freak as usual--walking around in his rain boots and mittens and not talking to anyone. But he warmed up towards the end and declared that he would be friends with train boy. He told me he doesn't like talking to people but he likes saying goodbye to them. Which is true, he very politely said goodbye to everyone. Next week should be younger kids for the Princess to play with so hopefully there won't be as much of a mess as there was today. Today was out of control. When I have kids over I expect that there will be a mess. That's what kids do. They play with things and then leave them where they are for mommy to clean later. Doesn't matter whose mommy. What I don't expect is for a child to empty every bin of toys, dump them on the floor, NOT play with them, and just walk away and go make a mess in another part of my house. SkyWalker helped me clean up even though he didn't make the mess at all. Next time I'm going to have to play outside the whole time or have fewer toys out or open my mouth and say "hey, don't do that."

I repeat. Making friends is hard.

We have located the elusive hole in the Thomas Ball Pit. Unfortunately I have no idea where I put the patching thing that came with it. And the inflater thing that came with the air compressor we have sucks ass and is broken. At least I know where the hole is now and we can get a kit from the store and blow it up with the old fashioned foot pump we have. 

It is almost 10 pm. The dishes are done. Laundry is folded. Toys have been picked up. Vader is downstairs working out. The dogs are sleeping. I need to shower but really I think I just need to go to bed. I will do neither one though, and wind up surfing the net and snacking and wondering why I'm so tired tomorrow morning. 

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A hodgepodge of numerous things

The hideous wallpaper in the kitchen (if you look closely you can see the blue counters):

Before & After:

Even without being painted the walls look so much better without that wallpaper!! I am nowhere near being done in the kitchen though. My goal is to finish that and then have someone else do the rest:

Who puts wallpaper in the shower? Who DOES that kind of thing??

I had to laugh at how many people suggested yellow for our kitchen... When Vader first laughed at light green he said "Well, it's not as bad as yellow." It's going to be fun in my house when we have to make a decision.

We had lunch at the park again. We're enjoying it so much. SkyWalker doesn't really talk to anyone, but he laughs at the other kids and he's not running away from them. He felt comfortable enough to pull his pants down and pee in front of everyone. Twice. The second time his little train buddy stood right next to him and was fascinated with his progress. They looked like they were standing at urinals... in the middle of the grassy park. Good times. We're getting used to going to the park every week. I don't know what we'll do in the winter... I guess go to the library. ;-)

Speaking of which... I try not to talk too much about work because that's not who I am anymore but this just is so overwhelmingly ridiculous... instead of hiring another children's librarian to help do programs and improve services to the town, the board has decided to pay a "guard" to deal with the teenagers who hang out here after school. I'm assuming that's what his responsibilities are but I'm not sure since there still has been NO memo notifying us of who this person is and why he's here. That's another post. Anyway, the town taxpayers are paying this man (a hall monitor from the school) to sit outside the building and sun himself for a few hours. Is that not a colossal waste of money?? A librarian would be working! I am so glad I am not a taxpayer in this town. This in addition to the unnecessary 9-5 hours on Saturdays in the summer... at a time when taxes are going up and up, gas is going up, everything is going up, to be wasting taxpayer money is just so wrong.

We have another playdate at our house tomorrow. I didn't even attempt to clean today since I know it will all be a mess again. I'll do the guest bathroom tonight or tomorrow morning and try to get the kitchen organized, but with two little tornadoes throwing toys around the living room there was no point in doing anything today!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Color, or lack therof

The husband told me last night to start thinking about colors for the kitchen. We're no where near ready for that but it takes us him a long time to make decisions. I did a little dance inside and started thinking. At bedtime I asked if he wanted to do all one color or to try to separate the dining area of the kitchen from the cooking area. I think that's why there was different wallpaper. He said no, to do it all one color. I mentioned light green. His response? "Are you kidding me? You're joking right? That's ridiculous." He did eventually apologize for his immediate reaction, but his idea of "colors" are white, off-white and beige.

When we moved into the house the only room we painted was our bedroom. White. Before the Princess was born he painted her room. White.

There is one room in the house with color. The living room has some type of rose color that some see as more purplish and some WRONG people see as pink. Anyway, the reason I do not want to have it repainted is because it is the ONLY color in the house and I'm afraid I will wind up with a white living room. I am hoping that Vader's laziness and not wanting to have that repainted will be stronger than his mental institution desires.

I am determined to take control. I am in the house more than he is. I am definitely in the kitchen more since I do all the goddamn cooking. I will have color in my life. So, dear readers. I have light blue counters and wood cabinets. What color would you paint my kitchen?

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Jedi and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Written at 3:30 before Vox died:

No, it's not really that bad.

We did not go to our weekly picnic lunch because SkyWalker caught the Princess's cold and is coughing. More that that he was a whiny pain in the neck who did not want to get dressed and go anywhere. Since I had/have to pack for tomorrow and I'm working tonight I decided not to fight with him and to just skip it. 

The evil duo pulled all of the Princess's clothes out of her dresser as I was trying to pack. They jumbled everything I had put aside to pack with all of the stuff from the drawers. The Princess did not take a morning nap. Instead she ate a piece of dog food. SkyWalker has spent most of the day whining and yelling at me. 

Right now we are all in the office, listening to Beastie Boys. SkyWalker is playing Elmo on his computer. The Princess was playing nicely but is now prying my fingers off the keyboard. 

We have to leave at 8 am tomorrow. Just took her upstairs for another nap. She slept 2 hours and I had expected more but she did have a poopy diaper. I guess despite her jumping up and down in her crib she still needed more sleep. Silly me. Anyway, we have to leave at 8 in order to catch the ferry. Which means that when I come home from work at 9:30 tonight I'll be running around like crazy. I hate that *I* have to pack for 3 people. I mentioned this to Vader last night and he sympathetically said "that does suck." He was very nice and not sarcastic, but dude maybe you can HELP. Why do I have to think of everything? I hate packing. I hate traveling. 

You have to fight for your right to party.

Why can't I have Front Row running in the background while I do other things on the computer? That sucks. 

I need to get ready for work. I need to get more things organized to pack. I hate working Thursday nights. 

Good times.

Added at 5:40:

It continues! 5 minutes before I have to leave for work the phone rings. It's my MIL. Long story short she was calling to tell me she was bringing people to my house. Um. No. You don't do that. So I said "No, you're not." She said "Why not?" Really? Do I have to explain that it is rude to call someone and say "I'm bringing people to your house."? That's bad enough, but at the last minute no less? My house is a mess, my kid is in dirty pajamas, they need to be fed and put to bed early and my husband has to pack. Tonight is not a good night for visitors. Even without a good reason to say no, it's rude for her to not ASK, but to TELL me. Anyway, I get off the phone, Vader tells me *I* was rude. I explain, his voice changes (like he agrees with me) when I say she wanted to bring people over, he asks who, I tell him and it turns out it's relatives from South Carolina. See, she always calls this cousin by her maiden name and then on the phone she used her married name. I thought she wanted to bring church people or neighbors or something ridiculous like that. So he called her back and said okay. And now I'm sure I look rude, but really, wouldn't it have been better to call up and say "Remember so-and-so? She's in town and since you're leaving tomorrow can we come over tonight so she can see the kids?" Wouldn't that have been the polite courteous thing?


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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oh yeah! Adding


SkyWalker can add.

Okay, the two numbers have to be 5 or less, but still. If you write 3 + 4 on the board (or say them) he will hold up one hand with 3 fingers and the other with 4 fingers and then count them to make 7. That's pretty damn cool. He has no use for subtraction yet, can't be bothered with it and he doesn't get that he can also do 8 + 2 with his hands, but still, he's 3 1/2.

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I am a mystery

But we all knew that right?

The jedi and I went to the foot doctor yesterday. He could not replicate the pain there (no surprise. I can't either. It just happens). So I had an x-ray done and will go back in 2 weeks and hopefully the x-ray will give us a clue as to what is wrong with my foot. I am at the point that I can deal with being in pain. Most of being a mom is being in a pain in one way or another, but I don't want to find out 2 years from now that I've been walking around with something really wrong and then I have to get my foot replaced with a robotic one. Actually, that would be cool.

We also went to the state park 5 minutes from my house yesterday for a picnic lunch. They are now on summer hours so it cost us $6 to park! I had planned weekly picnics for my meetup, but I canceled half of them. That's a lot to expect people to pay every week, especially with gas being so high. We still have our weekly lunches at the town park (that draws more people anyway).

We picked up my dress from the tailor today. After I paid I noticed a safety pin at the bottom. I said, "What's the safety pin for?" She looked at it. Looked at her paperwork and then started making one excuse after the other.... she forgot to hem the dress! I could have worked with a loose top, but the floor length dress needed to be knee-length!! We went to the library and wasted an hour while she hemmed it and then picked it. She did not get a tip.

Either Bagel is going to love me or The Nice Librarian is going to hate me. It's a good thing there are 5 weeks in July because I need 3 of them off. We're getting the floors refinished the first week so the kids and I will have to stay on LI. The next week my sister is getting married. And then the last week Shinesalot is coming for a visit and staying at my house. I'm just part-time. It doesn't cost anything to have someone else work for me. I still just feel guilty though. I have to remember all the times the part-timers didn't work when I was full-time.

I just had the loveliest conversation with a friend I usually only talk to online. She actually stayed here way past her leaving time. It reminded me how nice it is to talk to a friend (albeit at work) without interruptions. Well, there were interruptions but they were easily resolved and not of the "I need to poop" or "I want to watch Dora" nature.

I've been working on a potty training bookmark for the new parenting section. I'm prettifying it now. Who would have thought a couple of years ago that I would be doing this? I was THE teen librarian for quite a while. It's so funny how things change.

I had more but I lost it. I need a snacky-snack.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Princess and the Pee

The Princess peed on the potty.

I've been putting her on it at bath time to get her used to it, when there's a delay between the diaper coming off (big poop) and getting in the tub (waiting for big brother), and because I think she looks so funny and cute sitting on the toilet. Yesterday after breakfast I was getting her dressed, Vader and SkyWalker were in the bathroom brushing teeth and I decided to put her on the potty for the fun of it. I said "Pee" and she peed. Since we were all in the bathroom she got a wild round of applause and squealing from everyone. I knew it was a fluke and just really good timing. I'm not potty training her. She's 1, she can't tell me when she has to go, this is all for fun.

I put her on the potty after breakfast today and said "Pee" and she peed again. 

I still think it's way too early but I'm going to keep doing it mostly because I think it's so damn funny hearing her pee on the potty and her big brother clap and squee.

I've re-evaluated the pacifier thing. I was reading in my Baby Whisperer book about the best approach to do it and I realized something. It's not the right time. It's not because of any crying or because it's too hard. It's not and it won't be. But when I looked at *why* I wanted to do it... I took SkyWalker's away at a year, so I should take hers away too is not a good reason. I don't want her walking around with it. Well, she doesn't. She doesn't use it for playtime. She doesn't get it any other time than in the crib. I don't stick it in her mouth, she picks it up and is in control. At night time I don't have to run in there to put it back in her mouth. She either does it herself or just doesn't need it since I frequently find it thrown on the floor when I get her in the morning. So why am I making a big deal now? Particularly since she's got a cold and we're going to LI soon. Now is not the time. I'm going to continue to not use it in the car unless it's necessary. I had been just automatically giving it her (in her lap) before I even drove away. Now I keep it within my reach and if she starts really fussing I can hand it to her (haven't needed to yet). I also use to give it her in the stroller right away. It was clipped to her blankie so she could get it if she wanted to. Now I keep it up top so if she starts screaming in a store I have it. I think I'll probably wait until the end of the summer when all our traveling is over and then do it for real then. She should be on one nap by then anyway which will make it a little easier. 

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Littleman

3 years ago today SkyWalker and I went to the hospital to see just born-Littleman.

2 years ago today SkyWalker and Littleman had their first ice cream cones. Littleman loved his. SkyWalker dumped his out and ate the cone.
1 year ago today the  2 week old Princess slept in Littleman's kitchen as SkyWalker, Vader and I sang Happy Birthday. 
Today, SkyWalker, the Princess, and I ate cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday alone as Vader filmed it to send it to Littleman in Texas. Not quite the same, but it's the best we could do.

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