Thursday, March 13, 2008

Alphabet locations

I'm trying to come up with a list of possible places for us to go for field trips for the second round of the Letter of the Week. There are a couple of letters I'm drawing a blank for... so I'm opening it up to you all.

A—Apple Farm, Airport,
B—Boats, Buildings, Bookstore
C—Craft Store, Cartwheels, Camping
D—Daddy's Office, Dinosaurs, Dock, Denny's
E—Egg, East, Empire State Plaza
F—Fire station,
G—Garage, Garbage, Garden, Golf
H—Hiking, Hospital
I—Ice cream,
J—Joyful Jumpers,
K—Kites, Karate ?
M—Museum, Movies
N—North Carolina
O—Office, Outside,
P—Planetarium, Playground, Park
S—Soccer, Storytime, Science, Swimming
T—Train Station
V—Volcano, Village,
W—Wedding, Work,

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The Nice Librarian said...

Ok, you are so busted girl! Be prepared for a shocking amount of work for the parenting section starting next week! Weeding, ordering free pamphlets with parenting info from a million different places, booklists, you name it, you are gonna get it! Maybe I'll think of some programming you have to do too. You obviously have way too much time and brainpower to spare babe. I'm all for posting stuff from work, but come on, are you nuts???? A list of alphabet places to bring your preschooler? Are you trying to make the rest of us parents look bad? They do still spend the entire year in kindergarten learning their letters you know! Ok, I'm just bitter at all the overachievers in the world, since we all know I can barely function at a minimal level. But really, I am sooooo underutilizing your brain at work. Gonna change :-)

hamikka said...

Q for quiznos?No, no, I have to put more thought into this...

Hurricane Hetta said...

This is difficult. Maybe for the letters that you have difficulty finding something that begins with them, you could focus on something that has that letter in it. For example, X-- eXperiment? You could do a little experiment with the kids that isn't too hard.
Uh, maybe for U, something associated with upstairs?
Q-- queen, Dairy Queen ( I know maybe lame) Quiznos, hamikka suggested, is actually pretty good.
Y-- YMCA? or, maybe do something again that you did the day before to imply yesterday?

EllBeeCee said...

Q for quartz - is there a mineral/rock museum anywhere close? Y - yellow? Going to yellow buildings? Visiting a school where there are yellow school buses? Counting the number of yellow toys he has or cars you see? X...I've got nothing. U - underground? Do you live anywhere near a place that has a subway system? Hmm...Up? Anyplace you can watch planes take off or hot air balloons?

Bee said...

Well, I have been so bad about checking blogs that I think I just checked like 7 posts... Random responses are as follows:You are too hard on yourself for getting upset about getting upset... Being happy more often than not is an amazing accomplishment... Be proud!Spitzer is a freakin' idiot, and I am pissed that I wasted my vote on him, but I would not worry about your hubby's job... Things will be fine!Glad to hear that Princess had a good ultrasound, even if she was not happy during said procedure... And to see her talking/walking is so amazing! Good job, momma... ;-)SkyWalker seems pretty normal for 3 1/2... I know plenty of kids who wet the bed regularly until they were 4or 5... (I was one of them, and my doctor blamed it on my hernia, so his medical issue could be part of the problem)... If you think it's worth it to go to undies at night, good luck... I don't think I will be in any rush, since Boogie keeps wetting right through the diaper... (Gotta love it!)Your house is several times better looking than mine, so you really don't have any room to complain about needing renovations!!!! (just kidding)... I am sure it would be nice, but don't go crazy if it doesn't happen... As long as those kids and those dogs aren't in any danger from anything, I wouldn't sweat it...Missed seeing you Thursday... See you soon...

bookishbiker said...

Y = yo yo?? but you can't GO to a yo yo. I dunno... maybe you could just make it up. Do you think he'd remember if you said it was an Xcalator???

I mostly kid.