Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Princess's ultrasound

The Princess had her final post-surgery ultrasound today. We skipped storytime this morning so she could get a good nap (and because she was up crying at bedtime last night and didn't fall asleep until after 9!) and not be a cranky baby at her appt. MIL watched SkyWalker since Vader had an appt. at work he couldn't get out of. Despite the nap she still SCREAMED during the entire ultrasound. She used to lay so still and be so mellow. Now that she is mobile she does NOT like to be still under ANY circumstances. Diaper changes are horrible; getting dressed is almost as much of a pain in my ass as getting SkyWalker dressed. So the ultrasound was even worse because not only did she have to be still, she had cold metal on her belly! Ugh. Anyway, she looks great, she does not have to go back on the amoxicillin. She's normal and healthy. We have to take her back when she's 3 and fully potty-trained. I laughed at that, thinking about my 3 1/2 year who has wet the bed every night but one this past week. 

We made the switch to underwear since 2 of SkyWalker's friends go the entire night and because I think he is taking advantage of the bedtime diaper. He's told me that he is "allowed to pee in his diaper", and if I don't get it off him right away in the morning he will pee in it rather than use the potty. So we put underwear on him. He stayed dry one night so I know it's possible. But only one night. I know it's only been a week, but he told me tonight that he didn't want underwear because he kept peeing in the bed (and waking us up each night). We're going to a wedding this weekend and staying in a hotel... and Vader is leaving on Monday for Rochester for the whole week. I'm not getting up every night to change his sheets. (Although I do have a system that's worked--I put sheets on, then a free-standing waterproof pad, then another set of sheets. All Vader has to do is take the top sheet and waterproof pad off and the under-sheets are okay. There's a bigger waterproof mattress pad under those sheets too.) I think with Vader being gone so much and SkyWalker looking for ways to get his attention, now is not the time for bedtime underwear. It's the exact opposite of my usual stick to it policy, but if he's not ready then he's not ready. 

And I need my sleep damnit.

I took advantage of my MIL's babysitting and went to Michael's after the Princess's ultrasound so I could get a Thomas track for SkyWalker for Easter. We always do a little gift in the Easter basket. I spent more than I normally would but as he gets older I'm sure I'll get cheaper. Even though the Princess was with me I completely forgot to get her something. Although I'm not sure what I could get her at Michael's anyway... I'm kind of at a loss. She has a bunch of rattles and teething toys and things like that now. There's a Babies R' Us at the mall that's hopefully within *my* walking distance from the hotel we're staying at this weekend, so I'm hoping that when the boys are having their time at the dinosaur museum the girls can check out BRU. I don't think the Princess will notice if I buy something and then the Easter Bunny brings it. And if she does, she can't complain about it anyway. 

It is 9:05. My husband is probably walking to his car right now and leaving work. He left the house at 7:45 this morning. If he did trials all the time he'd have to do his own divorce trial. 

I think it's snacky-snack time (aside--I never realized how much of a goofball I was until I started hearing SkyWalker saying things back to me. I do this with EVERYTHING. Snacky-snack. Lunchy-lunch. Nappy-nap. hmm. maybe those are the only ones. But still. Oh I also say "Did you do a poopinstein?" "A poopsi-cola?" What the hell is wrong with me?).  What was I talking about? Oh snacky-snack. Yes, I need a snacky-snack before bed.

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wickedlibrarian said...

I'm so glad everything looks good with the Princess. Yay!