Thursday, March 6, 2008


The Princess refused to nurse on the left side again this morning, so I waited 20 minutes and tried again and she still refused. I offered the right and she at least took that. The left side was the one she bit me on so maybe she was having some post traumatic stress from when Mommy yelled at her. At least she took the right.

We went to soccer despite SkyWalker's earlier claim that he did not want to go. It was iffy at first with him clinging to me and not wanting to play but we managed to coax it out of him and he did run around and play and drink lots of water. We went to Linen's & Things after and by the time we got home it was lunch time. SkyWalker peed so he could watch Dora and lo and behold he pushed his poop out! I think the exercise and the water helped. He has since pooped once more. The Princess was so hungry she nursed on the left side while we were sitting on the couch next to big brother (impossible these days) while he was watching TV! Not only TV, but her favorite show. Yes, my 9 1/2 month old has a favorite show. SkyWalker recently started watching Dora and the Princess loves it whenever I let her look at it. Her little booty shakes to all the singing. 

AND... I talked to someone at soccer. There was a mom there with a baby and she asked how old the Princess was (hers was 8 months). After class she was giving her kids lunch there (great idea) and I stopped and asked how much she was eating and breastfeeding and all that and had an actual conversation with a stranger. Go me. And there are now 11 moms who have joined the new meetup I started less than a week ago. Go me. 

So, progress. 

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