Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The power of poop

JD was right man. It all comes down to poop.

This morning SkyWalker told me that he didn't feel well and that the "poop was not coming". I thought I was in for it since he had only pooped once yesterday. I didn't make a big deal about anything since I'm pretty sure it was in response to the fact that I had to take the Princess to the ultrasound yesterday (he did not want her to leave) and that she now has a cold and needed more attention this morning. So I just said "Okay, well, we'll have some apple juice today and see what we can do." and other than that I didn't say anything or pressure him at all. We played Memory and I got him to eat blueberries. He had apple juice for lunch and his normal PBJ--spiked with prunes again. Because this was only the first day he was still in an eating mood so he asked for a second sandwich. I spiked that one too. He pooped right after lunch. I think I need to pay attention and when he only poops once I'll have to be on the lookout the next day and start giving him the extra stuff. If he goes a whole day without pooping ... that's when the crap starts. Ha. I think I averted a problem.  As long as he gets one out then he can do more... when he can't do it then he starts holding it all in.  We wound up having a happy day playing together and being in a good mood. He kept telling me "I feel well now."

I can't believe my kid poops that much.

As mentioned above, the Princess has a cold. Her first undeniable cold. She's had congestion before, but this is runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sleeping a lot, cold. Naturally, because we'll be going to the wedding this weekend. Besides being tired and coughing while sleeping she seems okay. She's cried out a bit during her naps, but she's not acting horribly ill and there's no fever. I guess going 10 months without a real cold is pretty good...

I'm having shoe angst. Why can't I just wear sneakers to everything? The world would be so much nicer without so many fashion rules.

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