Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Poop Wars

Today's game was "Who's heiney needs to be wiped the most?". SkyWalker pooped once requiring LOTS of wipage. He pooped a second time while I was in the shower and didn't tell me. There was LOTS of toilet paper and wipes in the toilet. I can only hope that some of them actually made contact with his anal region. The Princess, not wanting to be outdone, pooped three times before 2 pm, each one messier than the last.

Neither of them won.

The winner, hands-down, was Isaac. He did not poop once today. Not at all. But he still managed to get icky stainage all over his heiney. He tried to wipe himself on the floor. And he's clearly wiping himself outside since he's all green as well as poopy. I had to use the kids' wipes on him numerous times today and he is still filthy. I doubt he can get a bath until his stitches are out. He didn't try to roll over when I was wiping him, like the Princess does, but he did growl a bit and didn't really cooperate.

Good times.

The Princess randomly nursed during soccer this morning. She must have been really thirsty/hungry. She even did it with big brother sitting right next to her because he refused to play at all. Again. He's paying for this session. He didn't want to leave the house, didn't want to stop playing with his toys. If he continues like this I might stop it for the summer. I'm not paying all that money for him to just sit there next to me. He wouldn't even play with me out on the field holding the Princess.

I have eaten a lot of munchkins in the last 15 minutes.

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