Friday, March 21, 2008

Who's counting?

Those of you keeping track at home know that my son had one surgery, my daughter had one surgery and Isaac the dog had TWO surgeries--not including getting fixed because that's just not optional if you're a good dog owner. Next Tuesday he will have his third surgery. That's right! Number 3. 

I discovered a cyst on his neck a few weeks ago that Vader poo-pooed. Last week Vader said we were going to have to take him to the vet because it was worse. I looked at it and it looked like what was on his ear back in Oct. 2006 so I was pretty sure we'd have to do surgery again. While he's getting this removed they are also going to remove the growing bumps on his legs. He hasn't lost hair there but they've gotten bigger and bother me. They just can't be normal. 

It'll just be a one-day thing, no overnight. I'd really like to know why he keeps getting these things. It can't just be our bad luck rubbing off on him because Haze is fine. Although she did have that adventure in the woods... but she's been healthy. 

Speaking of healthy, coughing child number 2 beckons.

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1 comment:

wickedlibrarian said...

Poor Issac. :( My sister-in-law had a dog that was always growing cysts on his legs. Apparently it's just something some older dogs are prone to? Is Issac very old?