Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Surgery sucks

Isaac's surgery went as well as it could. He looks pretty beat up... stitches on his neck, his legs. The vet had never seen anything like that big lump that was on his back leg. That's comforting. (not). We'll get the results of the biopsy in a week. He's wearing a cone--collar again and will have to be on the leash until he gets the stitches out (April 5). He's pretty doped up now and just sleeping but I'm sure he'll be a pain in the ass tomorrow and scratching at his cone.

The Princess had her checkup. She's 17 pounds, 15 ounces (she's always 1 or 2 ounces below the next pound. Always. It's hilarious.). She's dropped to the 10th percentile so I know she's mine for sure now. She's 27 1/2 inches long, I think that's the 25th percentile so she's proportionate and right where she should be. She's doing great with everything. Her ears look fine. She's probably teething. I got the go-ahead to do cow's milk early and now I probably won't. 

I have my first meet-up tomorrow. I hope it goes well. I'm trying SO hard people. So hard. 

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wickedlibrarian said...

I said this already in the Stuff, but thought I'd say it here too. Poor Isaac-pup! I'm glad he came through surgery okay, and I hope the biopsy results are something benign.
And I hope your meetup goes well. You're doing all the right things, putting yourself out there to make friends. The right person (or persons) will come along eventually, don't worry!

Bee said...

The good news is that the surgery went well... The bad news is that bad news never seems to stop (never seen anything like it, huh?)... Hopefully, the biopsy will show that it was benign... Princess is not exactly a peanut like her brother was, but you can't expect the apple to fall too far form the tree! (Did I use enough food metaphors for you?!?) Good luck with your meet-up... I know you will do great!