Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I was supposed to be having my first meet-up right now. Instead I am home with 2 sick children and 2 barking dogs. SkyWalker was up at midnight and again at 1 and it was clear that he both needed to sleep late and not be around other children. But more importantly, *I* feel worse than yesterday. I was all headachy and nauseous this morning and just not up to getting us all out of the house by 9:30. So I cancelled the meet-up. 

I've gotten yesterday's laundry folded and a new load in today and I just finished the dishes but other than that this house is a MESS. I am completely unprepared for Easter. No egg dye. I don't even have a basket for the Princess. I think I have an extra one, but I haven't done any inventory to see what I actually have and don't have. I'm completely unprepared for everything. We have no bread. I think we will just have soup for the rest of the week because that's all I can muster up. 

Once again I am reminded by how crappy the timing is in my life. We should really get flood insurance because it seems like whenever it rains for us, it pours.

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