Monday, March 17, 2008

The wedding wrap-up

This is taken from e-mail because I am too tired to do otherwise:

We got in late, after 8, so we missed the dinner festivities. They told us our room was on the second floor, but the number written down was 425. We went up to the 4th floor (with luggage and kids) and it was not our room. We went back to the 2nd floor and tried 245, but that was not our room. We had to call and finally they directed us to 240. WTF?

Vader put the kids to bed (after watching inappropriate TV) and I joined the bachelorette party, had my first alcoholic beverage in over a year, drank it quickly, and started to tingle. Good times. I went to bed late but the kids slept well and we let each other sleep past 8. 

Saturday Day:
We went to breakfast at Friendly's, saw hollychrome and husband (and FantasyLibrarian I think) as they left. The Princess STARED at hollychrome's husband. I decided it was all the hair. She's not used to hair, unless it's on her Mama's arms. 

The boys went to the dinosaur museum. I tried to get the Princess to nap in the hotel room and she told me no. I put her in the stroller and intended to walk to the mall. Vader called saying he couldn't figure out the directions to the museum. So I met him at the front desk and we figured it out. He dropped us off at Barnes and Noble. I got the Princess her Easter gift and then we started to walk to the mall. Food/Crafts/Books Girl's husband spotted us and despite having just walked back from the mall himself he escorted us to the mall so I wouldn't have to walk with the stroller alone. Very nice.

Met Mrs. DudeLibrarian Amyfauxmiddlechild and medlibrarygirl at the mall. Bought shoes for my sister's wedding. My mom didn't sound happy when I said they were flat. Groan. We left the mall, me and the Princess on foot and everyone else driving. The Princess and I got splashed by some bitch driving by.* We made it back to Friendly's and had lunch with the girls and various spouses. 

The boys got back, Vader and the Princess took a nap, SkyWalker and I played air hockey. I got back to the room shortly before 4 and Vader was still napping. I told him he had to get up and get going. He did not. We rushed around and didn't have enough time to take pictures of the kids. I left with my hair still wet. But we made it to the wedding on time.

Saturday evening:
We made to the wedding right on time. Sat in the back right in front of  yarnlibrarian and FantasyLibrarian. The kids started out okay, and then the Princess very clearly pooped. Vader took her out. SkyWalker sat on my lap and it was clear that he NEEDED to poop as he was dropping bombs left and right and squirming all over. He also STUNK to high heaven. I finally took him out to Vader and went back in alone. Vader stayed out with the kids the rest of the wedding. He is VERY upset that he couldn't say Mazel Tov. I didn't know it meant that much to him, I would have called him in. But he didn't tell me. 

The Princess had her dinner during the cocktail hour. I had to boob-feed her in the bathroom and hoped no one would walk in. SkyWalker ate lots of watermelon and cantelope (good--he wound up pooping at the hotel). By the time dinner was served they were both getting cranky and ready for bed. Granted to everyone else they probably looked fine, but you know I have high standards. Vader ate his duck and my pasta. I ate SkyWalker's chicken fingers and fries, the Princess ate some of her chicken fingers, I ate her fries. Vader took them back to the hotel and I stayed and danced. 

I took the 11:30 shuttle with hollychrome and lazylibrarian. Good times. I walked in the door and SkyWalker was in the bathroom hysterical. He had just thrown up. He spent the rest of the night waking up crying every hour or so. He got in bed with me and slept, but I was afraid he was going to fall off the bed so I didn't sleep. I finally got some sleep (2 hours?) when he switched beds and slept with Vader. 

I have wiped more snot in the past few days than I thought possible. But relatively speaking I think the kids did well and didn't really embarrass me. 

*The bitch was Librarian Amy! HA!

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bookishbiker said...

Well... at least there was no puking AT the wedding... sounds like a great trip, congrats for surviving it.