Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The jedi drive me crazy

It has not been a good week for the jedi.

Monday SkyWalker was a little more whiny than usual. Monday is cleaning day and I barely got anything done. The first time your kid says "I want you to play with me" in a tiny little voice it's sweet and sentimental. The 20000 time he says it when you've been playing with him all day and what you really need to do is clean his piss off of the damn toilet, it's not so sweet and cute anymore. On top of that the Princess napped like crap and was cranky.

Tuesday started out okay. Aside from the Princess vomiting on me at storytime, it went well and one of the clerks (that I don't know) told me they won the award for the best behaved children in the library. We went to Target and SkyWalker screamed "I am a Mr. Pirate!" which was hilarious. But when we got home it was clear that we were entering another non-pooping episode. He didn't poop. The Princess didn't nurse. I fed her at 1:30. At 6 I tried to feed her, she bit me, I yelled, she cried and REFUSED to nurse the rest of the day. She had a bottle this morning and then I finally got her to nurse at 1:40.

Today was HORRIBLE. I tried to be non-emotional about SkyWalker and his poop this time and not sound like I thought it was his fault, but rather that we would work together to help his poop come out. He had bran flakes for breakfast and apple juice. He refused prunes so I spiked his PBJ with them (pureed prunes). I only hope that they are working right now and that he will be okay for soccer tomorrow. Otherwise he will be a big whiny pain in the ass. He cried and screamed over ridiculous things today. I finally couldn't stand it anymore and when the Princess went down for her nap (crying), I told him he had to stay in his room so I could take a shower. He screamed and cried. And fell asleep. And was still asleep 2 hours later when I left for work. They were both asleep. So my last interaction with them was telling them both to just lay down and go to sleep as they cried. Good times.

On the plus side SkyWalker's bed was dry last night (he's been wearing underwear the last 3 nights).

I always feel weird complaining here. Like I don't have the right... because I wanted to be home, I wanted to stay with my kids. But even if you love every second of your job you can still look forward to the weekends right? I'm still where I want to be. Some days are just harder than others.

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Shinesalot said...

OF COURSE you have the right to complain! I love every minute with Littleman...does that mean I don't want rip my hair out when he running through the (rented) house with an uncapped dry erase marker? Hell no!

Olwen said...

This is the place where you can say whatever you want even complaints!

Samantha said...

Of course you can complain! I wanted to be back at work myself but I complain about that all the time. So if I can do it, so can you :-)

hamikka said...

i've found this to be an excellent place to complain. if staying home most days to raise kids were so easy, even the men would do it. :)