Sunday, March 11, 2007

Even with losing an hour, this is a long day

I have listened to my child scream and cry and call "Mommy" "tuck-in" and "flashlight" for probably 20 minutes or so. I hate daylight savings time. I really do. We both got up "late" and I had to take care of him and the dogs because Vader left before 8 am to go to some Kiwanis breakfast. And then from there he went straight to work. He'll be home "dinnertime" which means who the hell knows when. SkyWalker is all upset because he didn't want to take a nap (despite standing and screaming at the gate: "NAP!"), he kept getting out of bed and was just all around disobedient. I tucked him in 3 times but he kept getting out of bed. I took his flashlight away when he refused to lay down. I'm pretty sure he's in his bed right now because his screaming for me has changed location. I can only hope he will take an actual nap because I really need to get more ointment in my eyes. And when I put it in I can't see for a while. That's not very good when you're home alone with a toddler and two dogs. This morning sucked ass but he watched his fire truck movie so at least he stayed on the couch next to me. I do not want him watching any more TV/movies today (I'm one of those limiters) and the idea of him just playing with me blind is not a very comforting one.

Of all weekends for Vader to voluntarily go in to work. This really sucks. He did have to take a half day on Friday because of me, but this *really* sucks. And he's working next weekend too. Thanks.

I don't know how I'm going to do this for another week. Not only do I have to drive with my glasses, work with my glasses (I can't see very well with my glasses to begin with), I have to put this crap in my eyes 3 times a day! And I'm pretty sure 2 of those times are going to be at work. Which means I'll be sitting there completely unable to see. In a LIBRARY. I really should have insisted on drops. They might sting more but I don't remember not being able to see. Makes sense since the ointment is goopy and covers the whole eye ball. Ugh, What a pain in the ass.

There is silence. I know as soon as I put this stuff in my eyes he will wake up. Or the dogs will bark and he will wake up.

Have I mentioned how much this sucks?

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