Monday, March 5, 2007

Almost there

I can't remember how long it's been since I updated last, but I've been told it's been a while. ;-)

#2's room has been successfully painted (white), the crib has been put together (by my amazing husband on Saturday while taking care of SkyWalker at the same time), the dresser has made it upstairs and all of the gender neutral newborn onesies and outfits are in it. I need to get a bookshelf (I already have one picked out--the same one I bought for SkyWalker) and little odds and ends, but the major things are done. The car seat still has to be installed but I think I would be pushing it if we did that this soon.

I'm only 28 weeks.

I feel somewhat silly pressuring myself to get all of this done, but then I look at my pregnancy scrapbook from last time and we got the room together and the car seat installed and it was literally the next week that I was in the hospital with the second bout of bleeding and subsequently had a preemie child. I am taking no chances this time. That and the fact that I think as time goes on there will be less and less that I can do. Physically or mentally.

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely surprise. Some out of town friends came to see me (expected) and threw me a mini-shower! Totally not expected! Complete with vegan cupcakes. It was just amazing. The generosity of this group of friends literally brought me to tears. I am truly honored to know them.

SkyWalker has been particularly funny lately. I taught him to say "mommy's womb" when I ask him where the baby is. I can't wait for someone to say something about a baby in my tummy and have him say "No! woooomb!!!". I love it. He has a Thomas tattoo on his arm and proudly showed Pop (who also has tattoos) on his arms. He called it a sticker for a  few days but he's finally accepted the fact that it's a tattoo.

There's stuff going on at work... I don't really want to say too much since this is a public blog and I make no attempt at hiding it. But let's just say we're in between a rock and a hard place--more money for us at the expense of the part timers that make this place run. And considering that I would like to be one of those part timers the rock I'm stuck next to is even bigger....

I worked all day alone since BossMan was in the courthouse waiting to be picked or hopefully not picked for jury duty. I told him to say inappropriate things and to simply tell them that his pregnant co-worker isn't allowing him jury duty anyway. It would be a 4 week trial. That would suck. A lot.

Friday is my next Level 2 ultrasound. I wonder if we'll get another 3D pic. That would be cool. Oh--we went to the consultation with the surgeon last week. Surgery is not a given--they want to avoid it for as long as they can. They'll monitor my ultrasounds and see the progress and they're still hoping that this will work itself out. And there's no reason for us not to have more kids. Because SkyWalker had hypospadious there is a greater chance that if this is a boy he may also have it. Which would royally suck if it turns out that surgery is necessary for the kidney. That would be two surgeries by 6 months old (kidneys by 3 months, hyspospadious at 6). That's a bit much. Am I selfish for wanting this to be a girl?

I had my checkup on Thursday. Everything's all good. I have to go every 2 weeks now. I got the shot in my ass (I'm rH negative) and I'm up to 114. I can't imagine gaining another 10 pounds in the next 10 weeks but I suppose it can be done. They don't seem concerned (although she did mention that I had lost a pound. Well, yeah, you made me fast for the damn glucose test and then you made me wait in the waiting room forever. I'm sure I've gained the pound back since then).

SkyWalker is sitting next to me on the couch watching his fire truck movie (bire cuck moo-yee). He has him arm around me like he's on a date and looking to get some. It's quite funny. He also smells like urine. That's not that funny. Daddy will be home soon so as long as it's just urine I'm not getting up. Although I suppose I should make dinner soon.

Haze has just relocated so she is sitting directly in front of me. On guard. Her neck is craned. It's funny. She's my little puppy girl. Oh--that's what SkyWalker has been doing! I was in the bathroom yesterday and I come out and see him at the back door--with it wide open--wearing his scarf and hat, coat in his hands, calling the dogs. He let them out. And apparently decided they should come in. At least he didn't leave but his hat and scarf being on was scary. And then when we got home today I let the dogs out, hung up my coat, heard the scratching on the door, and saw him run to it, so I ran to it, but he was closer and well, faster, so he got there first and let them in! Which could be useful if he would promise not to go out himself. But 2 year olds are not to be trusted, so the door has to be locked all the time now. Knowing Haze she would lead him to gate and between the two of them they'd figure out how to get out of the fenced yard and run free.

I really should make dinner now. Sometimes I wish we didn't live so far out. Delivery is never an option. Ever. We have never had food delivered. Ugh. And now I am starving.

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