Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Those of you who used to read my LJ will remember that some months ago I came up with a plan to work part-time since I didn't get paid nearly enough to justify two kids in daycare and well, I don't want them in daycare to begin with. After some initial hesitation on Vader's part, he finally came around to my way of thinking but we couldn't make any decisions without knowing what was going on with his job (and I'm not going into *that* particular problem here). He came home on Monday and said he got the closest thing to a definitive "you're not losing your job" and feels as comfortable as he's going to, so I can work part-time instead of full-time! While I would of course rather not work at all, this is the next best thing. Two nights a week, one weekend a month. No daycare, no babysitters. I don't consider leaving my kids with their father "babysitting". I've been waiting to say something until I could talk to BossMan.

I told BossMan today and he did not cry like I thought he would. I've been preparing him for this possibility for a while now, and he's been saying that he might as well find another job blah blah blah. It'll never be the same blah blah blah. I did buy him Orange Crush before telling him so maybe that was enough to soften the blow. He gets along with everyone else in the department now, he'll be fine without me there all the time.

At dinner last night Vader said that I would have to have some kind of academic program for SkyWalker, as well as physical activity. I told him that I was already planning on sticking to the daycare schedule. He said that he was wasting his potential there and we need to do more. It was quite funny. He's one of "those parents". But I was very happy to hear him talking about that instead of saying something like "now you can clean the bathrooms." I did do a little research into preschool lesson plans and whatnot today. I think we'll be fine. If I bring him to storytime once a week he'll get the social interaction as well as jumping around, and I'm sure we can come up with a good routine on the other days.

Exciting news! Literally, just moments ago we had a poop on the potty!! An intentional poop on the potty! Woo-hoo! I must now go and figure out why Hard Hat Harry is not working in my DVD player.

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medlibrarygirl said...

Congrats!!! I'm so tickled for you on both fronts...going part-time, and the intentional poop. :)

bookishbiker said...

I am so delighted for you!!!!! I insist on many Tales From the Home Front. I think you're going to get the best of both worlds this way - keeping your toe in the professional waters while getting to spend lots of time with the kid(s). hooray!

wickedlibrarian said...

I'm so thrilled for you. Wonderful to hear your hopes are coming true. :-)

Bee said...

I'm very happy for you -- and for me, of course, since this means I get to go full time! It's so strange how we get along so well and, yet, we are so very different... I am dying to get away from the "stay at home" thing and you can't wait until you can do it... Very strange, indeedy! At least we will both be getting what we want!!!