Friday, March 30, 2007

Another night and still no baby

But I did let quite a bit of gas go so I'm hoping maybe that's all this is. Because I still feel crampy. Bah!

I made lists of what I need in my bag, SkyWalker's bag, and #2's bag. It's funny. Last time I printed up recommendations and totally overpacked. I never got out of the damn hospital gown. This time my list consists of: hair detangler, clothes to go home, bathroom stuff (toothbrush, etc). And a book. I had no book last time.

Why is that my dogs bark at the wind outside and blowing leaves and birds and all sorts of non-barkable items, but a weird noise in my chimney that could be a burglar coming down, or Santa, and that gets NO reaction? What the hell?

I took this picture the other day:

and it hit home what's coming. The newborn diaper on the left looks a lot smaller in real life though... And no, the other one is NOT a size 3. It's a size 5. We're going to have another BABY.

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1 comment:

bookishbiker said...

Keep that baby cooking as long as you can! But it's good to hear that the kid is up to 4 pounds, that seems like a very healthy size just in case you get an early visit. Those diapers are TEENY. Crazy!