Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My dogs are covered in mud. Literally. Covered. From head to paw. They have not been fed yet because they are too disgusting to come inside. I am annoyed because I cannot deal with them, but they are running around outside and playing with each other and only occasionally barking at whatever and it's clear that they are having a good time. It's good for them to run around and get tired and not bug me later.

SkyWalker and I had wackawies with tomato soup mixed in for dinner (macaroni for those of you who don't speak SkyWalker). It sounds odd but we both really like it. And I love the way he says it. Wackawies. It's just hilarious.

When I dropped him off at daycare today he said "Bye Mommy" and his little friend Nick said "Mommy" and SkyWalker did not like that. Really did not like that and very emotionally said to Nick "SkyWalker's Mommy!!!". Only he didn't say SkyWalker. That would have been cool, but he said his real name. He was really upset about it. And I think Nick was just saying the word Mommy, I don't think he was trying to claim me. So at dinner tonight I told SkyWalker that I was going to be the new baby's mommy too, not just his, and he said "Yup" like "duh". I said "You're okay with that?" and he said "Yuuuupppp" and did the whole head-nod thing too. It was very cute.

SkyWalker has his arm around my head and is pulling it towards his very gently and sweetly and I remember why I am alive and why I'm doing this and why every single minute of pain and discomfort and tears are worth it. Totally worth it. He is my reason, he is my everything, he is my life. And soon there will be another and life will be even better.

Shit, he just pulled my earring backing off!

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Bee said...

I love the fact that your posts make me laugh out loud thinking, "My
kid is like that too!" Granted, I am sometimes envious of your
general disposition toward motherhood -- but look at the example I had
to start off with... I'm not doing half bad! Teeheehee...