Friday, March 16, 2007


I left work an hour early and SkyWalker and I made it home at our normal time. The roads are not good, visibility is not good, my wipers kept freezing over. The library closed early at 5.

This has no effect on my husband. He is *still* working late. He's not planning on leaving any earlier than he did last night. He is an idiot. He's driving the Civic, which is not good in the snow, and he'll probably be home even later because of the conditions. And I need him home because it is impossible for me to give SkyWalker a bath and get him to bed by myself.

And this working late and weekends thing might be happening until May. Actually he said until #2 is born. Joy.

As soon as we got home I updated the library blog and the event keeper to say the library closed at 5 because I am a good little webmistress. I also added a headline something or other from the library blog on the library's website to try to entice people to go there. I only have 3 links to it on the main page already.

The one benefit of the snow is that I don't have to worry about muddy dogs. Snow is much easier.

I wonder if I'm so tired because #2 doesn't stop kicking me. It's constantly pushing. I have images of it trying to claw its way out of my womb. Please let it stay in until May.

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Bee said...

I constantly had nightmares that Boogie clawed his way out like in Alien... And then Clark started teasing me and saying that it would be more like Space Balls (where the alien is all cute and singing and stuff)... Lovely mental image... I will pray for Vader's safe passage home and that you get some quality sleep tonight...