Monday, March 26, 2007

I Naked Boy!

I can't remember if I wrote this on Friday or not. Apologies if I did. I was trying to make lunch for the two of us when a certain little boy randomly whips off his shirt, pulls his pants down, takes his diaper off proudly proclaims "I naked boy!" and runs around the house, pants around his ankles. Much amusement, but at the same time a little fear. Not only of an accidental leakage, but of one of the dogs thinking something was a flying mini-hot dog and hmm is that edible? But it was still mostly funny. Later that day, after the nap that was wasn't, I found him in his room with no pants on, no socks on, no diaper on. I checked his pee-pee and it was dry (here's an aside--I insist my child say the baby is in my WOMB and not my tummy but I use words like pee-pee and heiney. Interesting). Saturday his father found him in the same condition after nap time, and then yesterday he was COMPLETELY NAKED after nap. Sadly yesterday when Vader asked him if he peed, he brought him right over to the spot where he had indeed peed.

So now I'm in a pickle. Do I step up the potty training efforts? If he's taking his diaper off he should be using the damn potty. Or do I tell Vader he's got to start putting the onesies on him again and hope he can't undo the snaps? If it were the summer I think I would just let him run around naked and throw him on the potty anytime I saw something about to happen. But it's not quite warm enough for naked boy to be naked all day. And I am in no condition to chase after him. 

Aside from the peeing in his room, I do find the whole thing hilarious. There's nothing quite like seeing a little 2 year old say "I naked boy" and run around the house screaming "naked boy! naked boy!"

The dogs have not been outside yet today. With me, I mean. I'm not letting them out when they start barking at the birds or the donkeys or the wind or whatever. They make it all day long when we're not here, there's no reason they need to be in and out all day when I am. After Vader cleaned them off yesterday he only let them out when he went with them and demanded they pee and poop immediately and come right back in. But that's difficult for me to do with SkyWalker, and furthermore I just don't want to deal with it. I really hate mud.

I need to do laundry and the dishes and upload some pictures. And I want to print some pictures and work on my scrapbook. I wonder what I will actually get done. Crikey, I think I smell poop.

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