Sunday, March 25, 2007


Why is that when there's a bit of rain and mud my dogs have to get COVERED? I can understand the paws, but really do they have to get mud on their private bits and back and noses and parts that shouldn't be touching the ground??

And why is it that they have to come inside one at a time? I sit on the couch and Haze is at the door. I let her in. No Isaac. I sit down. There's isaac at the door. And if I wait at the door he won't come.

And why is it that when they are so filthy I have banned them from the house they insist on just barking at every little thing they see? They're not standing whining at the door to come in. It's not just a ploy. It's just a pain in my ass.

And finally, why does this always have to happen when it's just me and SkyWalker at home? Vader has gone in to work. He left at 6ish this morning so that he would get back in time for me to go to work. SkyWalker and I are still in pajamas. I had just enough energy to go upstairs, change his diaper and get him downstairs. I wasn't getting him dressed too.

Let me interject at this point and say that I love my husband tremendously. He is a wonderful father. He's home every night to put SkyWalker to bed, including giving him a bath because I just can't do it anymore. He gets up with him every morning and gets him dressed (mostly every morning). He brings me clementines before I get out of bed. He is very helpful and it's not like he's not here because he's out with the boys or playing video games or something ridiculous like that. He's going to work because they are wicked behind and understaffed and lest we forget it's this job that's allowing me to stay home with my kids in the fall so we certainly don't want to rock the boat now.

But that doesn't mean I have to like it. My back is KILLING me. I have pain when I walk, especially the stairs. I need to take it easy which is impossible when I have to keep getting up at work and when I have to take care of SkyWalker and the two muddy beasts here. I've been having the Braxton Hicks contractions which is just oh so peachy. And I can't help but remember that the first time around I was 32 weeks* when the bleeding started. I'm 31 weeks today. So I'm feeling a little emotionally stressed.

At least this is my last Sunday working until September. Although I'm sure my husband will be working weekends.

I still have to brush my teeth and get dressed. So does SkyWalker. He's watching his Baby Einstein On the Go movie now. At least it's not the damn trucks movie. I'm tempted to just wait until Vader gets home and let him get SkyWalker dressed while I take care of myself. I haven't wiped up any of the mud from the floors either. If I can't get it with my foot, I'm not getting it. I can't bend. I can't squat. I can't really do anything.

I'm going to scream at my dogs, from the window, one more time and maybe just maybe this will be the time they listen and stop barking.

EDITED 3/27: *I have rechecked my dates and I'm off. I was actually 34 weeks, not 32 weeks when I had the bleeding the first time. Then it happened again 10 days later, and 4 or 5 days after that I was induced.

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bookishbiker said...

I'm sorry you're so stressed out! Please post as regularly as you can for the next few weeks so we/I can track the last couple months of your pregnancy.

Jedi Mama said...

Thanks. I hate whining all the time and go back and forth over how much to say... but that's the beauty of the internet right? You don't have to read it when it gets to be too much. ;-)

readingjag said...

Aww man. I wish I could come over and help you. Damn this geography!