Friday, March 30, 2007

Another night and still no baby

But I did let quite a bit of gas go so I'm hoping maybe that's all this is. Because I still feel crampy. Bah!

I made lists of what I need in my bag, SkyWalker's bag, and #2's bag. It's funny. Last time I printed up recommendations and totally overpacked. I never got out of the damn hospital gown. This time my list consists of: hair detangler, clothes to go home, bathroom stuff (toothbrush, etc). And a book. I had no book last time.

Why is that my dogs bark at the wind outside and blowing leaves and birds and all sorts of non-barkable items, but a weird noise in my chimney that could be a burglar coming down, or Santa, and that gets NO reaction? What the hell?

I took this picture the other day:

and it hit home what's coming. The newborn diaper on the left looks a lot smaller in real life though... And no, the other one is NOT a size 3. It's a size 5. We're going to have another BABY.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

My exciting morning

No, let me go back to last night first.

After my lovely cuddling session with SkyWalker, which culminated in his losing my earring backing, the SOB, I had yet another breakdown. Crying hysterically. Fun. This time I did not hide in the shower but let it all out while handwashing the dishes that needed to be handwashed. Vader was visibly shaken and dare I say near to tears himself. I just laid it all out--how scared I am every single day. How every time I go to the bathroom I'm afraid I'm going to see blood, how I EXPECT to see it. How scared I am being alone each evening and the weekends when he is working. How scared I am in general. He tried to come up with ways to make things easier for me--making dinner the night before for me to just heat up--but it's not cooking or dealing with muddy dogs or any of that. It's being alone. I need HIM. I need him home so I can rest, and not rest by watching a damn Choo-Choo movie, but really rest and not have to change diapers or let the dogs out. And he can't do that right now.

So that was last night.

This morning I noticed some cramping and felt even worse than usual. Joy. I had my checkup scheduled for 9:30 so at least that worked out for me and I didn't have to call in special. I mentioned to the doc that I had the cramping and that I've been having a lot of pelvic pain walking and rolling over and the BH contractions. I think I forgot to say I had lower back pain. Oh well. In any event, he had them do an ultrasound in the office. The placenta looked fine (baby weighs 4 pounds now). I had a non-stress test to check the baby's heartrate and after 20 minutes they managed to get what they were looking for (they needed to see the baby's heartrate accelerate at least twice and stay up for a certain amount of time). They did see it which means there's no evidence of the placenta not being intact. And there's no bleeding at this time either. So I'm okay for now. But I have to go in every week and have a non-stress test now (because of my history).

The baby's head is down (no shit) and in a "perfect position."  "Oh--you'll have an easy time if we have to induce or if you go into labor naturally." Well thanks dude, but I'm hoping to avoid that for at least another 5 weeks.

I guess the positive is that I'm okay today and they will be checking me every week. But I would really really like to have a pregnancy with no drama. How 'bout next time? No bleeding, no impending surgeries, no strange pee-pee problems. No drama. Just a nice normal 40 week pregnancy. Thanks.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My dogs are covered in mud. Literally. Covered. From head to paw. They have not been fed yet because they are too disgusting to come inside. I am annoyed because I cannot deal with them, but they are running around outside and playing with each other and only occasionally barking at whatever and it's clear that they are having a good time. It's good for them to run around and get tired and not bug me later.

SkyWalker and I had wackawies with tomato soup mixed in for dinner (macaroni for those of you who don't speak SkyWalker). It sounds odd but we both really like it. And I love the way he says it. Wackawies. It's just hilarious.

When I dropped him off at daycare today he said "Bye Mommy" and his little friend Nick said "Mommy" and SkyWalker did not like that. Really did not like that and very emotionally said to Nick "SkyWalker's Mommy!!!". Only he didn't say SkyWalker. That would have been cool, but he said his real name. He was really upset about it. And I think Nick was just saying the word Mommy, I don't think he was trying to claim me. So at dinner tonight I told SkyWalker that I was going to be the new baby's mommy too, not just his, and he said "Yup" like "duh". I said "You're okay with that?" and he said "Yuuuupppp" and did the whole head-nod thing too. It was very cute.

SkyWalker has his arm around my head and is pulling it towards his very gently and sweetly and I remember why I am alive and why I'm doing this and why every single minute of pain and discomfort and tears are worth it. Totally worth it. He is my reason, he is my everything, he is my life. And soon there will be another and life will be even better.

Shit, he just pulled my earring backing off!

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mmm pretzels

We're having snack time right now. I've made those big soft pretzels (made-you know, put them in the toaster oven for 4 minutes). SkyWalker is not eating his. He is eating the cheese stick and the animal crackers. You think he could give me his pretzel after I was done with mine? No. He put it on my plate and then very quickly took it off. I had to make another one.

I called my credit card company during nap time. I said "I've paid my bill in full on time for many MANY years. I want a lower APR." They said "Okay." So I've gone from over 20% to 9.99%. That's not bad. I don't plan on not paying my bills in full, but I'd like to be prepared particularly since my working situation is changing. The lady said I had an excellent history. I don't think she even checked my actual credit report. Which would just confirm it anyway. We might not have much money to spare, but we have excellent credit.

It is 4 p.m. and the dogs have still not been outside since early this morning. They've barked a few times, but gotten over it. No whining or crying. They've just been laying around all day.

If he doesn't eat his pretzel, I'm totally eating it.

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I Naked Boy!

I can't remember if I wrote this on Friday or not. Apologies if I did. I was trying to make lunch for the two of us when a certain little boy randomly whips off his shirt, pulls his pants down, takes his diaper off proudly proclaims "I naked boy!" and runs around the house, pants around his ankles. Much amusement, but at the same time a little fear. Not only of an accidental leakage, but of one of the dogs thinking something was a flying mini-hot dog and hmm is that edible? But it was still mostly funny. Later that day, after the nap that was wasn't, I found him in his room with no pants on, no socks on, no diaper on. I checked his pee-pee and it was dry (here's an aside--I insist my child say the baby is in my WOMB and not my tummy but I use words like pee-pee and heiney. Interesting). Saturday his father found him in the same condition after nap time, and then yesterday he was COMPLETELY NAKED after nap. Sadly yesterday when Vader asked him if he peed, he brought him right over to the spot where he had indeed peed.

So now I'm in a pickle. Do I step up the potty training efforts? If he's taking his diaper off he should be using the damn potty. Or do I tell Vader he's got to start putting the onesies on him again and hope he can't undo the snaps? If it were the summer I think I would just let him run around naked and throw him on the potty anytime I saw something about to happen. But it's not quite warm enough for naked boy to be naked all day. And I am in no condition to chase after him. 

Aside from the peeing in his room, I do find the whole thing hilarious. There's nothing quite like seeing a little 2 year old say "I naked boy" and run around the house screaming "naked boy! naked boy!"

The dogs have not been outside yet today. With me, I mean. I'm not letting them out when they start barking at the birds or the donkeys or the wind or whatever. They make it all day long when we're not here, there's no reason they need to be in and out all day when I am. After Vader cleaned them off yesterday he only let them out when he went with them and demanded they pee and poop immediately and come right back in. But that's difficult for me to do with SkyWalker, and furthermore I just don't want to deal with it. I really hate mud.

I need to do laundry and the dishes and upload some pictures. And I want to print some pictures and work on my scrapbook. I wonder what I will actually get done. Crikey, I think I smell poop.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Why is that when there's a bit of rain and mud my dogs have to get COVERED? I can understand the paws, but really do they have to get mud on their private bits and back and noses and parts that shouldn't be touching the ground??

And why is it that they have to come inside one at a time? I sit on the couch and Haze is at the door. I let her in. No Isaac. I sit down. There's isaac at the door. And if I wait at the door he won't come.

And why is it that when they are so filthy I have banned them from the house they insist on just barking at every little thing they see? They're not standing whining at the door to come in. It's not just a ploy. It's just a pain in my ass.

And finally, why does this always have to happen when it's just me and SkyWalker at home? Vader has gone in to work. He left at 6ish this morning so that he would get back in time for me to go to work. SkyWalker and I are still in pajamas. I had just enough energy to go upstairs, change his diaper and get him downstairs. I wasn't getting him dressed too.

Let me interject at this point and say that I love my husband tremendously. He is a wonderful father. He's home every night to put SkyWalker to bed, including giving him a bath because I just can't do it anymore. He gets up with him every morning and gets him dressed (mostly every morning). He brings me clementines before I get out of bed. He is very helpful and it's not like he's not here because he's out with the boys or playing video games or something ridiculous like that. He's going to work because they are wicked behind and understaffed and lest we forget it's this job that's allowing me to stay home with my kids in the fall so we certainly don't want to rock the boat now.

But that doesn't mean I have to like it. My back is KILLING me. I have pain when I walk, especially the stairs. I need to take it easy which is impossible when I have to keep getting up at work and when I have to take care of SkyWalker and the two muddy beasts here. I've been having the Braxton Hicks contractions which is just oh so peachy. And I can't help but remember that the first time around I was 32 weeks* when the bleeding started. I'm 31 weeks today. So I'm feeling a little emotionally stressed.

At least this is my last Sunday working until September. Although I'm sure my husband will be working weekends.

I still have to brush my teeth and get dressed. So does SkyWalker. He's watching his Baby Einstein On the Go movie now. At least it's not the damn trucks movie. I'm tempted to just wait until Vader gets home and let him get SkyWalker dressed while I take care of myself. I haven't wiped up any of the mud from the floors either. If I can't get it with my foot, I'm not getting it. I can't bend. I can't squat. I can't really do anything.

I'm going to scream at my dogs, from the window, one more time and maybe just maybe this will be the time they listen and stop barking.

EDITED 3/27: *I have rechecked my dates and I'm off. I was actually 34 weeks, not 32 weeks when I had the bleeding the first time. Then it happened again 10 days later, and 4 or 5 days after that I was induced.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I seem to be posting a lot lately

Could that be because Vader is never home and therefore not hogging the laptop? And because SkyWalker just wants his damn truck movies and it's easier to sit on the couch next to him and blog than have to listen to "truck driver Dave" one more time?

This was supposed to be a cheery post since my last few have all been relative downers. Bah. Well, I suppose I can start out with something  positive and then go into the bitching (vox should let you do cuts like LJ does).

Remember the neighbor I was trying to make friends with? I called her yesterday. It had been months since I spoke to her. We just couldn't get a good weekend to get together after the initial visit. Anyway, I called and actually got her and not the machine. I explained that the very next day after we visited I found out I was pregnant (on SkyWalker's birthday) and then spent the first 20-some odd weeks vomiting. And just couldn't find the time to really do anything and I wanted her to know I wasn't just a flake and that I really did want the boys to get together. And that I'd be home all summer and only going back to work part-time so I hoped I could work around *her* schedule now. She's a teacher so she'll be off the summer too. She said they had just been talking about me and her husband said "Just call her! She lives right down the road!" but by the time she'd get a chance it was always too late. Which is what would happen with me too... in fact as I was talking to her I was trying to make dinner and SkyWalker had a bit of a fit because  he wanted to "hello" and I didn't let him. I had been waiting for an opportunity to call when I wouldn't be interrupted and realized that would never happen. We'll be getting together the last weekend in March. :-) So that's good. Particularly with SkyWalker stopping daycare I want him to play with other kids and stay his social self. In other words, not turn into me.

What was I going to bitch about? Oh Vader never being home. He just called now (7:15) to say he's leaving in 5 minutes. How am I supposed to take it easy if he's not home and I have to take care of SkyWalker, the dogs and myself? And SkyWalker keeps having these poop-issues. I'm trying to make dinner and he's crying because he needs to poop. We sit on the potty, nothing happens. We're eating dinner, he cries because he has to poop (and I mean, cries in pain, not whinyness), sit on the potty, nothing happens. By the time I get to eat it's cold and I feel like I'm going to pass out. And the dogs need to be fed and repeatedly told to stay away from us while we're eating. It's nothing that I couldn't handle before--before I was 7 months pregnant that is. It used to be mildly annoying when he would get home late, but now it's frickin  painful.  It doesn't help that his "normal" time to get home is 6. He's always saying the work day is 9-5 but he doesn't leave until 5:30. His choice. He's not getting overtime for this either. He's salary.

Okay, enough bitching. Funny things. SkyWalker has progressed from wanting things to needing them. He needs his fire truck movie. Needs his choo-choos. But by far the funniest is "Need to play pee-pee." Dude, you're 2 1/2 and you NEED to play with your pee-pee? It's hilarious. He's been talking a lot. Saying new words and putting them together. Speaking in sentences and really understanding what we are saying. He's a little human.

The new bookcase is outside right now. I would get it if it wasn't for that whole being in pain thing. Right now I feel like my hips are going to pop out.

Hey, does anyone know what to use to clean DVDs? Can you use 409 or windex or something like that?

Oh and Happy Birthday uncagedbird ! (Anyone else think she's pretty hot for 36? I mean she is a model... )

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Breathing again

So I feel a little better today. Vader and I had a long talk last night, initiated by him which was weird because he doesn't usually do that right before bed and because it was all about what we're doing with SkyWalker when I'm at the hospital. The timing was very odd... anyway, we decided that after #2 is born Vader and SkyWalker will spend the nights at home while I'm in the hospital with #2. As much as I need Vader to be with me I realized a few things last night:

1) He was no help at night. I distinctly remember SkyWalker waking up and me not being able to get up (with the whole passing out after losing so much blood thing) and having to SCREAM at Vader to wake up so he could get him. And throw a pillow at him. When he finally woke up I remember crying and saying "What good are you if you can't even wake up??" And I know it was difficult each time waking him up, that was just the WORST.

2) The second night we had the nurses take SkyWalker to the nursery so we could sleep for 4-6 hours.

3) I will be up every 2 hours feeding and not sleeping anyway.

If Vader is at home with SkyWalker (at night) then at least SkyWalker's routine will not be totally screwed up (whenever I work the night he goes to sleep without me there anyway). And the dogs will be okay. And if Vader is sleeping at night then he will be more help during the day. It makes more sense for them to be home. I can deal with SkyWalker being away during the day (although I'm sure he'll visit) because that's what's happening now. And as much as I don't want to be away from him at night at least he'll be in his own bed.

Of course if I go to the hospital in the middle of the night then we'll have to drop him off at BF's house to sleep there until I deliver.

I did some research last night and I think I've diagnosed myself. The pain I've been having sounds very much like symphysis pubis dysfunction. Aside from hearing any clicking noise when I walk, I've got all of the other symptoms. And I found a reference that says that some women continue to have this pain when they get their periods. The last time I had those I was getting such bad pain on the first day that I went to the doc to see if I had endometriosis. I think it's more likely that it's this. I printed out some exercises to do (ha), but basically I think I just need to take it easy and have this baby.

Vader is working late again tonight and I really need to come up with something other than waffles for dinner.

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Monday, March 19, 2007


I'm started to feel pressure to get everything done. That's a lie. I've been feeling the pressure since day 1, I know I've talked about it here before. But it's been much much worse. Walking is somewhat difficult right now, I'm having LOTS of pelvic soreness and pain (Ladies, do those kegels) and I'm predicting that if I don't go early I will at least be off my feet before I hit my due date. I am 30 weeks now, which leaves me with 6-10 weeks left. I hope at least 6 weeks.... Anyway, I'm feeling the pressure.

Last night I opened up the box with the bookcase we got delivered from and naturally the top shelf is broken. Sigh. So we have to have a new one shipped and then ship this one back. The target man was very nice but it's still a pain in the ass. On top of that, we're shipping the i7500 BLK from that Vader bought for me for Christmas because the LCD crapped out on us. Bah! But anyway, when I opened the bookcase I just wanted to cry.

Mostly what I am hyperventilating about is what I'm going to do with SkyWalker when I'm in the hospital. My best friend will take care of him but the idea of spending the night away from him just makes me sick. We have never done that. Actually, Vader may have for some work-trial-thing. But Mommy has never spent the night away from him. In fact we haven't left him with a babysitter for over a year. I believe when the last Star Wars movie came out. I should probably have him sleep over at my best friend's house (she has a boy 9 months younger and they LOVE each other) but I can't even come to terms with doing *that*. I know I've posted here before about coming home and having himout with my husband and feeling so totally empty... I know that when I'm in the hospital I'll have other things to do (like bleed and push a baby out and nurse and all that) but I have a physical need to be with my boy. That sounds a little sick when I write it... I swear it's not sick. There's a reason I'm going to work part-time. I NEED to be with my kid(s).

I know a lot of moms would just send their husbands home to be with the first kid. But I couldn't do it without him the first time. I don't know if I can be without Vader. I should just give birth at home. Yeah, the dogs will love that.

Hence, I am hyperventilating.

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testing the crossposting

Friday, March 16, 2007


I left work an hour early and SkyWalker and I made it home at our normal time. The roads are not good, visibility is not good, my wipers kept freezing over. The library closed early at 5.

This has no effect on my husband. He is *still* working late. He's not planning on leaving any earlier than he did last night. He is an idiot. He's driving the Civic, which is not good in the snow, and he'll probably be home even later because of the conditions. And I need him home because it is impossible for me to give SkyWalker a bath and get him to bed by myself.

And this working late and weekends thing might be happening until May. Actually he said until #2 is born. Joy.

As soon as we got home I updated the library blog and the event keeper to say the library closed at 5 because I am a good little webmistress. I also added a headline something or other from the library blog on the library's website to try to entice people to go there. I only have 3 links to it on the main page already.

The one benefit of the snow is that I don't have to worry about muddy dogs. Snow is much easier.

I wonder if I'm so tired because #2 doesn't stop kicking me. It's constantly pushing. I have images of it trying to claw its way out of my womb. Please let it stay in until May.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

My pity party

I had a bit of an emotional breakdown last night in the shower, crying to myself, as everything just kept piling up. This has just been a hell of a week. I know I've complained ad nauseum about my eyes--after nearly a week of wearing my glasses my eyes are just so tired and strained I really can't see well. The ointment makes it worse. I just have until Sunday but it seems a lifetime away. On top of my eyes, I still can't breathe out of my nose, everything is sore, it hurts when I walk, it hurts when I stand, it hurts when I do anything. And of all weeks Vader is working late and going in on weekends and I am alone with a toddler and two barking dogs and am at the end of my rope.

SkyWalker seems to be going through a weird poop phase, every poop is an event and is preceeded by crying and complaining. He did poop on the potty again tonight (3rd time) but only after walking around the house crying about poop. And even after pooping in the potty he's still whining about poop. Right now he is content sitting next to me on the couch and watching "There Goes a Garbage Truck" (which he called Dump Truck movie and I didn't know what he meant and we got into a bit of a fight about it).

He complained earlier when I picked him up at daycare when I was unable to draw a satisfactory "big truck" on his little doodle thing. The thing I bought for HIM to draw on and play with in the car. He's been okay with my bubble-car and bike and moon, but apparently my trucks are just not up to standards. And he doesn't understand why. Luckily once we got going he preoccupied himself looking out the window at real trucks and was happy.

The dogs are outside barking. As they have been all night. My voice is hoarse from screaming at them. They know Daddy should be home and he's not and they are on high alert. It is very annoying. I've tried keeping them inside but they bark just as much and drive me even crazier.

I'm just at the end of my frickin' rope. There's work drama and stress that I don't need. It's all piling up and I'm ready to explode. I should be happy right now, soon I will be home with my babies, where I belong, and I am happy, very happy about that. And weeks like this don't make me doubt my decision. It's not every week that I'm pregnant with pink eye.

Vader just called to say he's on his way home now, which means he'll be home by 8. I need to shower, make my lunch for tomorrow, and go to bed. And get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Even with losing an hour, this is a long day

I have listened to my child scream and cry and call "Mommy" "tuck-in" and "flashlight" for probably 20 minutes or so. I hate daylight savings time. I really do. We both got up "late" and I had to take care of him and the dogs because Vader left before 8 am to go to some Kiwanis breakfast. And then from there he went straight to work. He'll be home "dinnertime" which means who the hell knows when. SkyWalker is all upset because he didn't want to take a nap (despite standing and screaming at the gate: "NAP!"), he kept getting out of bed and was just all around disobedient. I tucked him in 3 times but he kept getting out of bed. I took his flashlight away when he refused to lay down. I'm pretty sure he's in his bed right now because his screaming for me has changed location. I can only hope he will take an actual nap because I really need to get more ointment in my eyes. And when I put it in I can't see for a while. That's not very good when you're home alone with a toddler and two dogs. This morning sucked ass but he watched his fire truck movie so at least he stayed on the couch next to me. I do not want him watching any more TV/movies today (I'm one of those limiters) and the idea of him just playing with me blind is not a very comforting one.

Of all weekends for Vader to voluntarily go in to work. This really sucks. He did have to take a half day on Friday because of me, but this *really* sucks. And he's working next weekend too. Thanks.

I don't know how I'm going to do this for another week. Not only do I have to drive with my glasses, work with my glasses (I can't see very well with my glasses to begin with), I have to put this crap in my eyes 3 times a day! And I'm pretty sure 2 of those times are going to be at work. Which means I'll be sitting there completely unable to see. In a LIBRARY. I really should have insisted on drops. They might sting more but I don't remember not being able to see. Makes sense since the ointment is goopy and covers the whole eye ball. Ugh, What a pain in the ass.

There is silence. I know as soon as I put this stuff in my eyes he will wake up. Or the dogs will bark and he will wake up.

Have I mentioned how much this sucks?

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Friday, March 9, 2007

Pink eyes!

I left work at 6:30 last night because there was so much goop in my eyes they were getting blurry. I had my contacts in and naturally no glasses with me because that would have been being prepared for emergencies. So I left early to go home and get my contacts out and hopefully let my eyes rest and then be normal.

When SkyWalker woke up at 2ish I couldn't open my eyes. Vader went upstairs to fix whatever it was last night, and I stumbled to my sink to wash my eyes and try to open them. Not good. When Vader got up this morning he brought me a wet cloth because my eyelids were stuck together again. I got up at 7 because I just couldn't sleep and I could barely open my eyes. They were so swollen. It was clear. Pink eye. D'oh!

Vader drove me and SkyWalker to daycare so we could drop him off and then he took me to my Level 2 Ultrasound (no news to report there, except that the baby is now 2 pounds, 14 ounces) and I was lucky enough to get an appt with my PCP immediately after. We went there, as soon as I walked in it was obvious I had pink eye. The doctor made some joke about my husband making it to the final 12 last night, we had no idea what he was talking about, (American Idol. Apparently there's a bald man that my husband looks like), then we picked up the ointment I have to put in both my eyes forf 10 days. No contacts until I'm all done. Damnit. I can go back to work on Monday and can be out in public after 24 hours.

What the hell?? Being pregnant isn't enough? Still having nasal congestion after 3-4 months isn't enough? Now I have to have pink eye?? In both eyes?? Crikey!

At least they are no longer swollen like they were and there's no more discharge. Hopefully they'll be better tomorrow after a day of ointment. Which is not as easy as drops. Damnit.

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Thursday, March 8, 2007


Anyone else having problems? I can log into my google account but I'm getting some weird parsing error for gmail. It's very annoying. Both Safari and Firefox on the Mac. 

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Those of you who used to read my LJ will remember that some months ago I came up with a plan to work part-time since I didn't get paid nearly enough to justify two kids in daycare and well, I don't want them in daycare to begin with. After some initial hesitation on Vader's part, he finally came around to my way of thinking but we couldn't make any decisions without knowing what was going on with his job (and I'm not going into *that* particular problem here). He came home on Monday and said he got the closest thing to a definitive "you're not losing your job" and feels as comfortable as he's going to, so I can work part-time instead of full-time! While I would of course rather not work at all, this is the next best thing. Two nights a week, one weekend a month. No daycare, no babysitters. I don't consider leaving my kids with their father "babysitting". I've been waiting to say something until I could talk to BossMan.

I told BossMan today and he did not cry like I thought he would. I've been preparing him for this possibility for a while now, and he's been saying that he might as well find another job blah blah blah. It'll never be the same blah blah blah. I did buy him Orange Crush before telling him so maybe that was enough to soften the blow. He gets along with everyone else in the department now, he'll be fine without me there all the time.

At dinner last night Vader said that I would have to have some kind of academic program for SkyWalker, as well as physical activity. I told him that I was already planning on sticking to the daycare schedule. He said that he was wasting his potential there and we need to do more. It was quite funny. He's one of "those parents". But I was very happy to hear him talking about that instead of saying something like "now you can clean the bathrooms." I did do a little research into preschool lesson plans and whatnot today. I think we'll be fine. If I bring him to storytime once a week he'll get the social interaction as well as jumping around, and I'm sure we can come up with a good routine on the other days.

Exciting news! Literally, just moments ago we had a poop on the potty!! An intentional poop on the potty! Woo-hoo! I must now go and figure out why Hard Hat Harry is not working in my DVD player.

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Monday, March 5, 2007

Almost there

I can't remember how long it's been since I updated last, but I've been told it's been a while. ;-)

#2's room has been successfully painted (white), the crib has been put together (by my amazing husband on Saturday while taking care of SkyWalker at the same time), the dresser has made it upstairs and all of the gender neutral newborn onesies and outfits are in it. I need to get a bookshelf (I already have one picked out--the same one I bought for SkyWalker) and little odds and ends, but the major things are done. The car seat still has to be installed but I think I would be pushing it if we did that this soon.

I'm only 28 weeks.

I feel somewhat silly pressuring myself to get all of this done, but then I look at my pregnancy scrapbook from last time and we got the room together and the car seat installed and it was literally the next week that I was in the hospital with the second bout of bleeding and subsequently had a preemie child. I am taking no chances this time. That and the fact that I think as time goes on there will be less and less that I can do. Physically or mentally.

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely surprise. Some out of town friends came to see me (expected) and threw me a mini-shower! Totally not expected! Complete with vegan cupcakes. It was just amazing. The generosity of this group of friends literally brought me to tears. I am truly honored to know them.

SkyWalker has been particularly funny lately. I taught him to say "mommy's womb" when I ask him where the baby is. I can't wait for someone to say something about a baby in my tummy and have him say "No! woooomb!!!". I love it. He has a Thomas tattoo on his arm and proudly showed Pop (who also has tattoos) on his arms. He called it a sticker for a  few days but he's finally accepted the fact that it's a tattoo.

There's stuff going on at work... I don't really want to say too much since this is a public blog and I make no attempt at hiding it. But let's just say we're in between a rock and a hard place--more money for us at the expense of the part timers that make this place run. And considering that I would like to be one of those part timers the rock I'm stuck next to is even bigger....

I worked all day alone since BossMan was in the courthouse waiting to be picked or hopefully not picked for jury duty. I told him to say inappropriate things and to simply tell them that his pregnant co-worker isn't allowing him jury duty anyway. It would be a 4 week trial. That would suck. A lot.

Friday is my next Level 2 ultrasound. I wonder if we'll get another 3D pic. That would be cool. Oh--we went to the consultation with the surgeon last week. Surgery is not a given--they want to avoid it for as long as they can. They'll monitor my ultrasounds and see the progress and they're still hoping that this will work itself out. And there's no reason for us not to have more kids. Because SkyWalker had hypospadious there is a greater chance that if this is a boy he may also have it. Which would royally suck if it turns out that surgery is necessary for the kidney. That would be two surgeries by 6 months old (kidneys by 3 months, hyspospadious at 6). That's a bit much. Am I selfish for wanting this to be a girl?

I had my checkup on Thursday. Everything's all good. I have to go every 2 weeks now. I got the shot in my ass (I'm rH negative) and I'm up to 114. I can't imagine gaining another 10 pounds in the next 10 weeks but I suppose it can be done. They don't seem concerned (although she did mention that I had lost a pound. Well, yeah, you made me fast for the damn glucose test and then you made me wait in the waiting room forever. I'm sure I've gained the pound back since then).

SkyWalker is sitting next to me on the couch watching his fire truck movie (bire cuck moo-yee). He has him arm around me like he's on a date and looking to get some. It's quite funny. He also smells like urine. That's not that funny. Daddy will be home soon so as long as it's just urine I'm not getting up. Although I suppose I should make dinner soon.

Haze has just relocated so she is sitting directly in front of me. On guard. Her neck is craned. It's funny. She's my little puppy girl. Oh--that's what SkyWalker has been doing! I was in the bathroom yesterday and I come out and see him at the back door--with it wide open--wearing his scarf and hat, coat in his hands, calling the dogs. He let them out. And apparently decided they should come in. At least he didn't leave but his hat and scarf being on was scary. And then when we got home today I let the dogs out, hung up my coat, heard the scratching on the door, and saw him run to it, so I ran to it, but he was closer and well, faster, so he got there first and let them in! Which could be useful if he would promise not to go out himself. But 2 year olds are not to be trusted, so the door has to be locked all the time now. Knowing Haze she would lead him to gate and between the two of them they'd figure out how to get out of the fenced yard and run free.

I really should make dinner now. Sometimes I wish we didn't live so far out. Delivery is never an option. Ever. We have never had food delivered. Ugh. And now I am starving.

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