Monday, July 21, 2008


I took an imitrex about 15 minutes ago and it's hitting me now. It's a preventive measure. I have a headache but not a migraine yet and I'm hoping to avoid it. But the imitrex just beats the crap out of me anyway. I should leave all the typos in here instead of fixing them because it would illustrate the serious lack of mental functioning I have right now. 

Random things in my head:
Our power went out Friday night around 11 and didn't come back on until 1 pm Saturday. And then went  back off Saturday night. That sucked. 

The pool collapsed. That sucked too, but it wasn't looking so good, hence the imminent collapsing, so at least we got a chance to fix it. We have to wait to start filling it up again because our water is all dark and cloudy now. We took too much out of the well at once and the F86 filter system couldn't keep up. 

Why can't I find beach stuff in July? Don't people go to the beach in July? All I wanted was a foldable beach blanket that I could carry easily. I guess I should look in February. Screw you NYS wacky retail stores. I wonder if they have this problem anywhere else. Can you get seasonal stuff in their proper season in states that don't have more than one season? Hmmmmm

i am definitely crashing now. methinks it's time for some sleepy-sleep before i fall asleep with the laptop on my lap and get discovered my vader when he gets home frm shoppping. won't that be funny?

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Felice said...

Hope the Imitrex worked for you. The last time I had to take it, no dice. And that was after having good luck with it (although, that was all pre-pregnancy). Aargh! Headaches and migraines suck!Hope you're feeling better.

Shinesalot said...

Hope you kicked that headache's butt. And yeah, they pull that retail bs every where. It's only JULY here in Texas and they are stocking up for the fall - pumpkins and halloween stuff and yet I can't find a beach towel or water toy for my kid! AND, the community pools stay open until OCTOBER! It's that hot here. ARG. SO lame.

Jedi Mama said...

I figured in Texas where it's hot forever it would be available longer. You'd still have Halloween stuff out in July, but it would be next to the swimming stuff. I guess I should start thinking about what I need for winter now and buy that soon. You know in December I'll be able to find a beach blanket but not boots for my kid.