Monday, July 14, 2008


My patience has run out. Coming back from a vacation is always difficult for us. My children go from having LOTS of attention from LOTS of people to um... just me. The very same person who also has to do all of the laundry that built up and all of the cleaning that was ignored and all of the unpacking and generally everything. Leaving little time for two  creatures who want attention every single second. The Princess has been tolerable but SkyWalker has done everything he could to make me crazy. He got up at 6:30 this morning after swearing that his monkey clock said 7 (well, yeah, you MADE it say 7.) He went back upstairs later and stayed up there as the Princess and I ate breakfast. Just as we were finishing up he wanted breakfast. Then we all went upstairs to get dressed and what did I discover? He DREW on the CARPET with MARKER. 

I got the steamvac to clean it and when I went to the tub to fill up the thing what did I discover? POOP. I *think* it was  from last night's bath and Vader didn't see it. I could be wrong. The steamvac worked so-so on the marker. 

All day long he has been a pain in the neck. Playing with things he's not supposed to, spilling water on the new floors, not listening. I put him to bed at 6:45 because I couldn't stand it anymore. He not only refused to clean up his room, he REFUSED. He screamed "NO" at me. It's not about picking up puzzle pieces. It's about not listening and making me repeat myself a million times and showing a total lack of respect. 

It is 7:39 now. I just heard the all-too familiar "I poooooooped" in his after-bed sing-song way. I went up there. There was no poop. He tried but he didn't really have to poop. What caught my attention though was the first aid kit in the sink. He opened it all up and wasted band-aids and tape and all sorts of things. Luckily he did not realize there were packets of tylenol in there. And then. Oh man. And then. I see the suppositories. He opened up a box of baby suppositories and squeezed out 3 or 4 of them. On his shirt. He claims they were nowhere near his mouth or any body parts. I told him that he could get sick or hurt from playing with this stuff. Tomorrow I will clean out the ENTIRE medicine cabinet since he is clearly not to be trusted. 

I put him back to bed and told him he'd better clean up his puzzle pieces tomorrow morning when he gets up and he said "I will. I'll be a GOOD BOY." in such a sweet voice. I swear he's trying to drive me completely crazy.

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PetVet said...

boy can i relate! mine (4 yo) once asked me "Mum, if I drive you crazy, does that mean I can go live with Gramma?"
i just know he goes to daycare and jokes about it with his friends!

zombie a said...

(((hugs))) to you, Jen!