Thursday, July 24, 2008


In addition to renovating my psyche I am also renovating my house. Not so much renovating as sprucing up. We've gotten the floors done and I had the wallpaper removal guy come today to give us a couple of estimates. One for just removing the wallpaper, one for that AND painting. In theory Vader could paint... it will just take a year. Or two. I think we should just spend the damn money and get it all done now. We'll see how much it winds up being. I said I could wait until October because he can give us a better price then. It's not like we're painting because we're selling the place. I want it to be done before I'm pregnant again and before it snows because the dogs will have to be outside a lot. I should hear from him in a couple of days.

We also need to replace our curtains in both the kitchen and living room. I'm really not a fan of curtains and the way my dogs and children play with them let's just say my curtains are not long for this world... I'm *thinking* about getting blinds instead. I know what you're thinking. But I'm thinking VERTICAL blinds. Faux wood vertical blinds. Just for the windows that face the front yard. The sliding glass door will have to be curtains because I'm not having floor length blinds. I guess I don't really need to replace anything until after the painting is done but I'm itching to do it now.

Particularly since today was the day I have been waiting for for a long long time. No, that's not messed up, read it again slowly.

Our new couches came today. Sofa and loveseat. I loves them I do! Aren't they pretty in their leatherness?

This is how they are now:

Yes, we had to cover up the lovely leatherness. But I splurged (in a big way) and got suede covers that have TWO parts. The main cover and then a separate slip cover for the cushions. Why? For little boys (and eventually girls) who pee on the couch. (See the one trying to figure out how she can do some damage?) Now I can just take the cushion cover off and wash that instead of taking the whole thing off. Sweet!

(A horde of teenagers just came in here and tried to get me to eat bugs. No, I'm not at home. That would be *really* weird.)

In just 3 long weeks we can put the ottoman back in the living room and it will look like a real living room again! Once the floors "cure" or harden we can put the little rugs and such back on it.

Anyway, the couches came at the *same* time as the wallpaper removal guy. That was fun. My MIL was over so she helped with that. Despite saying that they couldn't move my old couch because of insurance reasons, they moved my old couch to the office for me (all I needed was a pretty smile.... and some money). So Vader didn't have to do anything. Which was great since it was a surprise to him. He obviously knew we were getting them but when they called for delivery he wasn't home and SkyWalker thought it would be great to surprise him. And it was! So now we have a couch in the office/playroom.

The bugs are back and strangely I am hungry. But I am going to the vending machine.

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Bee said...

Those couches are bee-autiful... Congrats! And, sorry about the whole bug thing... I just had to see if we could make you squirm -- or if you would surprise us and eat one! Teeheehee...

Shinesalot said...

LOVE the couches!!! Can't wait to sit on 'em.