Monday, July 28, 2008

When husbands are right

It really really sucks. 

Vader was opposed to us getting the pool. He didn't want to do any work, although he wound up doing a lot of it, but didn't complain when he was getting sand and moving sand and doing the physical labor. It is now all up to me. We've had the pool full since Thursday. By the time I get the chemistry right it will be September and we will take it down. I check the chlorine and the pH every day. At first the chlorine was too high (naturally, since our well water is chlorinated) and the pH was too high. I added pH decreaser (acid) and think I finally got that in line. Then the chlorine was virtually non existent so I added some chlorine but it still wasn't enough and the pool analysis I checked online said I had to shock it so I did and now after 2 days the chlorine is still too high. Here's the thing though, I have two different test kits--one is the aqua chem 6 way test strips and the other is the aqua chem OTO chlorine test with the drops and the vials. They both give me different readings. 

This is a 3 foot vinyl pool. I really shouldn't have to worry about all of the chemicals. I think I'm going to stop using the  test strips and just wait for the chlorine to go down. It would help if we could get some damn sun instead of rain. At least there's no real desire to go in it right now with all this rain. Once the chlorine is safe I'm going to stop obsessing and trying to get it perfect. We have a month and a couple of weeks of potential swimming right? As long as the chlorine and the pH are okay, I really don't care about everything else. 

We had friends for dinner last night so I did all of my cleaning yesterday. I am now relaxing on the couch while SkyWalker plays Elmo downstairs on his computer. The Princess is taking an early nap. SkyWalker is coughing today  and sounds a little congested, but is not covered in snot like he usually is when he gets a cold so I'm not sure what's going on with him. His train buddy from last week has a cold so I thought we'd be getting it too. Maybe they do have it and it's just mild. The Princess is getting her molars so that could be why she's a little snotty and cranky and tired. 

Isaac is limping again. Bad. We had a playdate on Friday and the dogs were in the bedroom and Isaac jumped up on our tub to see out the window. I can only imagine that's what happened. I really hope he has not done permanent damage to his leg. We paid a lot of money for that surgery and if he's screwed it up... ack. I wish we could just keep the dogs out with us and not worry. For the most part we can but they get so excited and want to play with everyone and lick everyone and if anyone is skittish around them (as a couple of people were which is why they were in the bedroom) then it just gets me nervous. One of the kids actually wound up opening my bedroom door on Friday (the one who is the most afraid of them) and let the dogs out and they wound up being outside with us and were "okay". Most of the kids/parents that come for the big kid playdates are actually pretty good with them. They're much better outside when Isaac has his crazy ball and I can throw a stick for Haze. But inside they just get annoying trying to sit on everybody and kiss everyone and when they try to kiss a toddler they can knock him right over. I keep waiting for them to calm down as they get older. It's my fault for being so antisocial for so long and probably for working as well... they used to be alone for 8 hours every day. Now there's people and they get so excited. What I should do is try to tire them out before people come over, but I can't throw the ball for Isaac because of his leg and because he's an idiot who just wants to eat the ball and not give it back. And I can't tell him to play by himself while I throw it for Haze. He'll play with the crazy ball by himself if we're all out there and if I throw a stick for Haze, but if I throw balls he has to be involved. I still want Vader to hang some kind of rope so Isaac can play tug of war, which is what he really likes to do. 

So dinner last night was great. The Princess's little jobber friend came over, with his Mom and Dad, for pizza and wings. The Princess played with her friend when she wasn't clinging to me regretting not napping very well. We had a great time and as I was getting the Princess ready for bed I heard Vader say to SkyWalker "Wasn't that fun?". I think the funniest part of the whole evening was at 7 pm when both babies said "Enough's enough, we need to sleep!". The Princess started rubbing her eyes and yawning. The little jobber walked to his Mommy and fussed and all but said "It's bedtime woman!" 

SkyWalker was a complete goofball throughout all of dinner trying to hide under the table and being shy because there was someone new. He'd never met the Dad before and he told me earlier he was nervous. He didn't say nervous. He said "I don't want his Dad coming." But then after dinner as we played in the living room the Dad broke his shell with a measuring tape and the next thing I knew SkyWalker was giggling and being silly asking him to measure every body part imaginable and being a total goofball but in a good way this time. It was so nice to see... SkyWalker is so shy but I'm glad that he can be reached. In less than 3 months he will be in preschool without Mommy and it will be a bit of sink or swim for him I guess. He's going to have to talk to his teacher and talk to other kids and not be so shy. 

I cannot believe the Princess is still napping. She never naps this early. The dogs are napping. SkyWalker is still downstairs. There is an eerie quiet except for the occasional sound of Elmo or Oscar the Grouch that finds its way up the stairs. 

I was going to lament my dying iPod but I can hear the Princess stirring. I'd better get the laundry in the dryer before it's too late.

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