Thursday, July 17, 2008

Open up and say Aaaahhhh

Unless of course you are my son.

The jedi went to the dentist this morning. I got my usual lecture about flossing my teeth and gave my usual response of "ehnhhhnn" because there was a water thingy in my mouth. I think the spin brush I got is working though because she said I was doing better with the plaque. Yay. The Princess was fascinated and sat in my lap and let them look in her mouth about as well as she lets me do it and that was just fine. She didn't enjoy it or cooperate but she didn't freak out.

Is it really any surprise who did?

Vader was with us so I thought things would go better than last time. Nope. He sat in my lap while the dentist tried to look at his teeth. The only way he saw them was while SkyWalker was screaming. Tears in his eyes. Then the hygienist tried to clean his teeth. She was a very nice pretty blond and he was a little distracted but not enough. He let her put some paste on one tooth and that was it. It was pretty embarrassing. We're going to try again in 6 months. Hopefully the Princess will be better by the time she is his age. Although if she keeps seeing him crying and screaming maybe she won't be!

We attempted to put the kitchen set together. We, meaning SkyWalker and I. They left out the instructions but luckily I am a child of the internet so I found them. Unfortunately the internet cannot produce the nuts and washers and screws that they also left out. SkyWalker was very disappointed, as was I, but secretly I would rather Vader do it anyway. I'm not so good with the following of directions and the putting together of things.

Five minutes before I had to leave for work SkyWalker decided to lock himself and his sister in my bedroom. He's been locking doors lately but he always unlocks them rather quickly. He did not do that tonight. Later he said that he was hiding on me. Vader came home to find me banging on the door. He finally unlocked it when he heard his Daddy's voice. We opened it, knocked down the Princess who had been standing on the other side of the door (oops) and Vader threw SkyWalker in time-out immediately. So I got to leave for work with the Princess crying, SkyWalker crying AND begging me to just stay home with him. Good times. Yes, I know some moms would be glad to leave the house but not me. Even in the middle of chaos and crying, I would rather be there to comfort them when it's over.

Tonight I get to clean the guest bathroom when I get home from work. I decided there was no sense in doing it before because SkyWalker would just pee all over the toilet again anyway. Actually since my playdate is at noon tomorrow (it's for babies) maybe I'll wait until tomorrow morning.

Last week the Princess was down to one nap. This week? Two. AND today she missed her morning nap because of the dentist so I thought I'd get a nice long one out of her. Nope. She slept an hour and a half and was cranky later on. I tried to put her back down at 3:30 but she pooped in her crib and then just didn't want to sleep. Of course she was rubbing her eyes at 5 when I was leaving. I guess she still does need her morning nap. Although the dentist did say that her molars are coming in, so it may not matter what I do, she'll still be a mess. She used to be so consistent--awake for 2 hours, nap, awake for 2 hours, nap. Now she's all over the place.

I am hoping that we get a call tomorrow from the couch place saying that our new couches are in and ready for deliver next week. The couch was out of stock and they were expecting a shipment on Friday. I'm also hoping that the wallpaper guy I've been playing phone tag with calls me tomorrow. Although the conservative side of me says that we should just do everything ourselves, there is a big part of me that wants this done now and not in 2 years. Which is how long it would take Vader to do anything.

It's been 6 months today since my FIL died. Time flies huh?

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Shinesalot said...

Hold it, hold it. Just to clarify: the wallpaper is coming to take the paper OFF right? Not put anymore on?

Jedi Mama said...

Of course. Hate wallpaper.