Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Things are going swimmingly

No, really. 

Since I've changed my outlook on things and decided to be more proactive about certain things, everything has gone well. Even when SkyWalker did everything he could to drive me nuts yesterday, it was fine. Not great, but fine. 

We went to a local beach today, one that I had no idea existed before now, and had a wonderful time. It's on a lake so the Princess was slightly disappointed with the lack of waves or salt, but she still had a grand time in her float, as did SkyWalker. There was a boy there who decided to help SkyWalker by pushing the back of his float. SkyWalker did not like this. Nor did I. When I saw SkyWalker with the "I'm going to cry because I'm scared/freaked out" look, I went over and told him to stop pushing the float. SkyWalker stopped using it and was in the water by himself when the kid (roughly the same age, maybe a little older) decided to push HIM instead. I ran as much as I could in water while holding the Princess and said very loudly that he'd better stop pushing my kid. If I knew which inattentive parent he belonged to I would have had a few words with her, but alas, she was not stepping up to identify herself. 

Aside from the beach bully, it was a great time. SkyWalker played a little with TrainBoy and said he had fun and wanted to go back. And he did talk in front of other people if not to them. The Princess enjoyed seeing her friend, the little jobber, and would have gladly stayed all day--as long as she was in the water and doing what she wanted to do. It was hard for me to sit and talk to anyone because most of the time I was being led by the Princess. But I did manage to talk to a couple of moms and that was nice. Next week I'm going to bring my "mother's helper" (how sweet is that? To get paid to go to the beach??) to help me keep my eyes on the two of them. 

Aside--I am totally JD. Scrubs. I give everyone nicknames. It's not really a privacy thing, although I don't like the idea of someone being able to recognize a picture of my kids and knowing their names as well, I think I just nickname people. Except for myself. But I don't often talk about myself in the 3rd person. Often.

When we got home from the beach we had snacky-snack and then the Princess took a two hour nap (after napping an hour in the morning). She must have been wiped out. I woke her up at 5:30 for dinner. SkyWalker played Elmo on his computer and I had some peaceful moments to myself to cook our chicken nuggets and green beans and carrots (requested by SkyWalker). It turned out to be a lovely afternoon.

I still have laundry to fold and swimsuits to wash out. And I really need to clean the bathroom before our playdate on Friday. But I highly doubt that will get done tonight. Vader should be home from the store soon. Which means I need to clear off the island for all the grocery bags too. Instead I am blogging. Really just blathering. Blather blogging. Ha.

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