Monday, July 7, 2008

This birkett has been chucked

I bought a 3 foot pool when I was on Long Island. One of those blow up the ring and the water sets up the rest types. My MIL heard that you need a permit for it in my wacky town so I dutifully called and checked and sure enough you do. Since I am a law-abiding citizen I got the paperwork online and all the ridiculous stuff I needed (a plot plan?? for a 3 foot pool??) and the jedi and I headed out to town hall this morning. 

We did not get a permit. 

Why? Well, we need an alarm (roughly $40) in case I'm an idiot and let my kid go near the pool without me. We need a fence around it (so the dogs can jump on it and rip a hole in it?? No.) And then the permit fee is $35. So the $100 pool would wind up costing at least $75 more. Um, no. The fee is for the inspector to come out and make sure you did everything okay. No thank you. I was so enraged when I left that I had to call Vader. He agreed to just screw it.

We went to Target to get some stuff including a picnic blanket that folds up nicely with a little "handle" so you can carry it easier when you're also carrying children. Guess what? Nobody goes on picnics anymore. I'm 2 weeks late. All of the back to school stuff is out. I'm sorry, but didn't school just end last friggin' week??

We figured we'd check WalMart (nope, none there either) and I asked about the pool alarm just for the hell of it. They had none and were astonished that I would need one. They had never heard of needing a permit for one of those pools, let alone an alarm. So like I said, screw them.

We came home and got the Princess done for a nap and attempted to put up the pool. We got the ring blown up. That was about it. Apparently there's just no level ground in my back yard. But it's not really obvious until there's already too much water in the pool so that moving it is impossible. We drained it, moved it and tried again. No good. I need Vader to probably put some sand under the pool and even it out. Did I mention that Vader wants NOTHING to do with the pool? He helped me put the filter together last night because he found me crying when I couldn't understand the stupid instructions.

I cannot do the pool myself. Who am I going to call for help now? My 70 year old MIL? The only people who would help (and could help) are hundreds of miles away. 

I'm going to make dinner and get these children to bed early and then I'm going to watch a dumb movie by myself as Vader goes food shopping. Then I'll work on looking as sad and pitiful as I can and cry a little (shouldn't be difficult) so he feels sorry for me and agrees to help just put the pool up.

Oh and we went couch shopping yesterday, decided on what we want and did NOT buy it despite my saying that we were going out to PURCHASE our couch. Why? Because Vader thought maybe we should get 2 couches since the difference between the loveseat and the couch was only $30 but we had to go home and measure first. And we can't get two couches because we don't have enough room. Had we just done what we had agreed on initially we wouldn't have to find the time to go back. When we got home I got to put two crying children to bed (one of whom did not actually stay in bed until after 10 pm)  all by myself while Vader installed the grounding rod. Happy Birthday to me.

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Bee said...

Oh, hunny... I'm so sorry... Men = dumb...