Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My brain is in my other bag

We went to the beach today and as usual had a wonderful time. I don't know what we're going to do in the winter. I really hope we don't revert to our hermit ways... but our house is not the easiest to get to and we all know how much I just love driving in the snow. Anyway, SkyWalker played with trainboy and was even social with another boy who joined their party. Social as in didn't run away screaming. He did really well today and I was so proud of him. I still don't understand how he can be shy talking to people and yet pull down his pants and let his ding-dong hang free in front of complete strangers. 

The Princess was just unbelievable. She flipped and flopped and did everything she could to try to swim. She played in the wet sand and got as messy as she could. She was in heaven and had to be torn away as it was way past nap time. 

Mommy talked to friends and got to pee all by myself and just enjoyed being in the moment. I also discovered some members of my lurking audience...

But I digress.

When we got to the beach and I prepared to show my license I realized that I left my diaper bag at home. With my wallet. I drove 30 minutes away with no license. Luckily SkyWalker was kind enough to remind me to slow down when the speed limit changed. I explained to the girl at the check in station that I left my wallet at home and I gave her 10 dimes. Technically I should have given her 50, but I didn't have a license to show I wasn't a resident. Ha!

I've messed up simple speaking all throughout the day. Instead of saying "I'm glad it was nice today" I said "I'm nice." Um? What? When SkyWalker asked me for the 3rd time why I left my diaper bag and wallet at home I said "I don't know why I left my diaper at home." I guess it was with the wallet bag.

I forgot to give the Princess her amoxicillin before dinner and when I realized it I told SkyWalker to remind me to do it after. We both forgot. Luckily I remembered at bath time so she got it tonight.

Apparently I need to make a list of simple brain functions that I have to remember. Maybe if I write it down I'll remember to breathe and eat and poop.  

Good times man. Good times.

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Gina said...

De-lurking to say hello!

Jen said...

I guess I'm lurking again! : P