Friday, July 4, 2008

Let me sum up

I am just too wiped out to speak in complete sentences. So highlights of the last week:

We cleared everything out of the kitchen and living room in preparation for the floor guys. I put the DVR cable box in the bedroom and hooked it up in there. After over an hour of it still not coming back on despite numerous reboots I called TW. While on the phone with a very nice lady I discovered my problem. Instead of taking the cable wire from the floor, I took the cable wire from the OTHER cable box after I had unhooked that. So I had two cables boxes hooked up to each other. Much laughing ensued. 

On the ferry I ran in to an old friend. Literally. I got out of my car wondering how I was going to get two children out by myself and keep them safe and carry the umbrella stroller and diaper bag and get the tickets. I hear my name, turn and look at the car right next to mine and discover an old high school friend. He helped carry the stroller and stuck with us the entire time. He threw in a bonus of doing a healing prayer for the Princess since he now goes around performing miracles. 

Monday night SkyWalker used every excuse he could to not go to sleep at my parents' house. At 9:45 he left his room and started to go into my mother's room to sleep with her. What was significant about this is that he was entirely naked. He took everything off including his diaper and put it in his sister's travel bag. 

I got my dress fixed and I think I'm going to write a letter asking for at least a partial refund from the first lady I went to. She apparently used a tuxedo machine instead of a dress machine. There were ink marks on the bottom of the dress. Excellent.

I also got my hair highlighted and cut.

We have an hour before we can put anything on the floors. The jedi and I have been stuck in their bedrooms. Now we are down in the office playing/crying while Vader hand-vacuums all the dust off the counters. The dogs are still at the kennel. We'll clean and get as much stuff in today as we can and that will be our 4th of July.  

I have a really bad pain in my neck right now (literally) and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to help with the couch or the kitchen table or anything else. This weekend, my birthday weekend, is already shaping up to be as sucky as the last 3. Good times. 

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Shinesalot said...

SO, did he spend the rest of the night with your mom?

Jedi Mama said...

You're kidding right?

Felice said...

I hope things turned around and you ended up having a good birthday!Did the healer work?