Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I got the pool drained and moved to the garage (I had to use SkyWalker's wagon to help me move it. It wasn't too heavy but just unwieldly). I didn't clean the bathroom but if my MIL wants to pee she'll just have to do it at her own risk.

All in all yesterday was a very successful day.

We leave in just over an hour. My sister's wedding is on Friday. The 20th anniversary of my aunt's suicide. I wonder if anyone else will remember that? I think I'm more nervous than I was before my own wedding. I hate church shit. My children will probably do something inappropriate ("Why that man say god? He listen to Lamb of God too?"). I have to walk down the aisle by myself. I will probably fall. I am so glad I will never be in a wedding again (hear that single coworker?!)

I slept great last night and I think it was because Isaac was in the bathroom. He came in when I was taking a shower and fell asleep on the floor (just like old times) and just never got up. I didn't hear any scratching or shaking or any nonsense. It was great. His skin is in such horrible condition right now. I think he needs a spa treatment. We're giving him prednisone again because it's so bad. He's been doing bad for a while now, since he was cooped up in the crate after his surgery. He had been doing so well before that and didn't even need prednisone. 

I'd better start loading up the car and organizing the breakfast dishes. Maybe I'll get some vomiting in there too. Not in the breakfast dishes. That would be gross.

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Shinesalot said...

Good luck, have fun, and I know you won't fall! Cheers on getting that pool in all by yourself! Have a safe trip!

Felice said...

Hope you had a safe/uneventful trip to LI -- have a good time at the wedding. No falling!