Thursday, July 31, 2008


This is the first time I have been the first one up in a long time. Shinesalot and Littleman are here with us and I kept waking up all night long expecting A) a thunderstorm to wake up SkyWalker causing another screaming fit B) the boys to realize they were in the same room and could play at 3 am or C) the Princess to realize she had a guest as well who could get her out of her prison cell, i.e. the crib. I also woke up repeatedly with throbbing pain in my knee from my worst nightmare--my dogs escaping the kitchen with the big garage door wide open and me not being able to do anything because I'm holding my baby. Luckily they were more interested in Shinesalot than in freedom and she could corral them back and get them inside. But I still managed to bust my knee while attempting to grab one while holding on the Princess. Lack of quality sleep has led to a headache. I should have gotten up to take something in the middle of the night but I can't get up in the middle of the night because I am tracking my temperatures. And even though I am not trying to get pregnant right now I "need" accurate information so I can tell when my damn luteal phase goes over 10 days because if it doesn't I will never get pregnant again. Argh. 

That was a jumbled paragraph and probably why I'm not up at 6 am anymore. 

Oh! Exciting news! Yesterday morning the jedi and I went to Big Lots on the recommendation of a friend and guess what I found? I got 4 of those individual straw-like beach mats, a bigger travel beach/picnic blanket, and a better beach tote bag, ALL for under $20. I was very excited. 

We went straight from the store to the neighbor-friend's house because SkyWalker insisted. They had called in the morning and I said we'd call when we got back home but it was better to go there than to go home, unload the kids, get the kids back in the car and drive 2 houses away. SkyWalker played with his friend and it didn't take him 2 hours to do it! The only way I got him to go home was by reminding him that we had "people" coming over. I didn't tell him about Littleman's visit partly because I wanted to surprise him and partly because I didn't believe it was true until they were in my driveway. SkyWalker was prepared to stay at the neighbor-friend's house while I took the Princess home. He even said he would nap there. He's full of shit but it was still funny. 

I'm so proud of him. He's doing so much better with his friends. I wonder if somehow he can sense that I have finally opened myself up to people again and so he has too? 

My head still hurts and I should probably shower while I have quiet in the house. Shit. I always jinx myself. I think I just heard a child. Maybe it's not mine. Never thought I would say that...


Edited 6:46 am. The boys are up playing in their room "until 7". I told them to play quiet and not wake up the Princess. Littleman responded "Okay, I have quiet farts" and pushed his little heiney out to illustrate. Classic

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Felice said...

I'm glad everyone arrived and you are having a good time! I've got to get over to Big Lots. That's great that they had the goods.

Shinesalot said...

Thanks for sharing that little tid-bit about my boy's quiet farts. :)