Monday, July 28, 2008


I have just heard the most distressing news. Vomit-inducing distressing. 

I have to do storytimes. 

Besides the fact that what appeals to me about working part time is NO FREAKIN RESPONSIBILITY and PROGRAMMING, the fact that the programming I have to do is storytimes just makes me want to hurl. I haven't done storytimes in nearly a decade. The last time I did them I worked at another library and often planned storytimes that no one came to so it was all good. When I got to EG I did a couple because of scheduling problems when only two of us worked the damn department. We very quickly decided that I would rather work two nights a week and let my boss (who is no longer at EG to protect me) do all the damn storytimes. And that was it. I never had to argue about it... it was understood that I did not do storytimes. 

Until now. 

We're talking about the fall and only once a month but I still want to vomit. I should be able to spread the word and discourage people from coming. I'll have to perfect my mean face. Shouldn't take long. 

Completely unrelated SkyWalker got up at 6:45 this morning. He came downstairs and got in bed with, coughing in my face, and I said "Dude, it's not even 7. You're supposed to stay upstairs until 7. Go back to bed, you need the sleep!" He left, shut my door and apparently went back upstairs. He came back down at 7, hopped on my bed and said "Look Mommy! I got dressed all by myself." Sure enough the boy who needs to be wrestled and cajoled into putting on clothes picked out his own shorts and shirt and underwear and socks and not only put them all on, he put them correctly. Nothing inside out or backwards like he usually does when he's being silly. He even got his socks right. It was amazing. It was the start to a perfect day.... until we went to the damn library!

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Bee said...

I swear we are not trying to stress you out... We knew you would not likely be thrilled about storytimes, but we didn't think you would want to puke over it... Maybe we can work out something else? Maybe it really won't be that bad? Just don't stress [or quit] over it, ok?!?