Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun with water

We had the best baby playdate. I am so glad that I decided to split my playdates up into big kids for SkyWalker and babies for the Princess. It's working out really well. There are only a couple of other babies that come so it's a much calmer atmosphere than when there's a bunch of big kids running around. The Princess gets a little overwhelmed when that happens. She had the best time today. All three "babies" played with the water table and had the greatest time splashing each other and themselves. It didn't even matter that the Princess was the only girl... they all had a blast and so did we watching them! When SkyWalker wasn't whining about wanting to be pushed on the swing he enjoyed watching them play and I think he liked having the little jobber following him around. He looked like such a big boy and I got a little vision of what it would be like for him to have a little brother in addition to his sister. Although she's certainly no girlie-girl. SkyWalker whined a little bit and I always hate when that happens. I know that I just have to stand my ground and be firm and he'll be fine in a few minutes, but it's still just embarrassing when that happens when we have company. 

I'm waiting for Vader to finish working out so we can watch a movie. It's almost 9 already which means I will probably fall asleep during the movie. I might fall asleep right now actually.

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Felice said...

Hey -- We had such a good time on Friday! I haven't laughed that hard in a while! The kids were just too funny with the water table.