Thursday, August 21, 2008


Vader and I are just fine, thank you.

The Princess has transitioned to one nap. This is good, and yet bad. If she sleeps in the car it's got to be early in the morning. If it's too close to her actual nap time it seems to mess things up and then she's not falling asleep until 3:30ish. Which is when she should be waking up. I repeat once again, it is so hard juggling the needs of two children. Let alone my own. 

SkyWalker starts preschool next month. I'm not quite sure how so much time has passed. For the first month I have some playdates lined up for the Princess and I so we don't cry too much. And her storytime will coincide with a preschool day so that's good. I'm debating joining the Y and leaving her in the daycare while I exercise. It would be good for her to be away from me and it would be good for me to exercise. But can I be away from her? I don't know. If I can do it then I can also have SkyWalker and the Princess take swimming lessons and SkyWalker might be able to do soccer again (if he wanted to). If I'm also using the Y I think I can justify the expense to myself. I need to exercise.  I always think the goal of exercise is too lose weight and I don't need to do that so I think I don't need to exercise. But really I need to be healthy and fit. I think I need to change my thinking and have my goal be to kick someone's ass. I'm sure I can come up with a list of people I'd like to ass-kick.

I saw an old friend's new baby today. So small and innocent. The Princess looked like such a big girl compared to him. Time flies. I've been surrounded by baby news. One of the mommy blogs I read is someone I know in real life. Well, I met her once last April, but I've been reading her blog for a while so I feel like I know her! She just had her second baby. Her posts while waiting to deliver reminded me of my own... when you go early the first time and then not the second it feels like FOREVER. I think I was just reaching my breaking point when I finally went into labor. And that was at 38 weeks. I really hope I don't go longer next time around. And finally, another one of my friends is expecting her third baby. She's very newly pregnant so I'm not going into details. If I can coordinate things right #3 will go to kindergarten with her #3. No, I'm not pregnant. We need to get the Princess' kidney straightened out first. 

I have to leave for work in 45 minutes. My hair is still wet and uncombed (but, hey, I showered). I have to change out of my shorts. I have to eat "dinner." And yet, I blog. This working thing sucks.

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Shinesalot said...

Hey, just an FYI, exercising releases endorphins, such as seratonin, so in addition to being able to kick someone's ass, you also feel A LOT happier! (That is an actual scientific fact - why do you think I'm so damn happy???)

Gina said...

I have a guest pass for the Y somewhere if you want to try it out with me sometime. Then maybe you can visit the daycare and check it out. We like it alot and that one hour break helps me maintain my sanity, somewhat.

Jedi Mama said...

I always assumed it was the massive amount of glue you sniffed.

Jedi Mama said...

Can you use the daycare with a guest pass? Because I would be interested in doing that. A trial run to see if I can physically stand being away from my baby.

Gina said...

No I don't think they allow that, they are kind of strict with guest rules but maybe we could go on a night when the woman that runs it is there and you could talk to her, she's really nice and it helps to see that they are all with it and capable of watching the kids. You can always start small too, like 1/2 an hour at a time. My old Y had mommy & me exercise classes which were GREAT, maybe I should put it in the suggestion box here.