Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stir crazy

We're going a little crazy.

The jedi and I have always peacefully coexisted at home without needing much interaction from other people. We were happy as a threesome, even if we weren't, you know, happy. And then I had to go and try to teach us how to be social. And what's happened? When we're home with no plans and no playdates we yell at each other. It didn't help that poor Mama was out of commission and spent most of the day on the couch today. It wasn't all yelling and screaming... we had quite a few cuddle moments and we all played in the tent and pretended to sleep. But we've been a little on edge with each other. I will be glad when the weekend hits and Vader is home.

Of course we're right back into craziness after the Princess has her deflux done on Wednesday. Just a short 2 days later SkyWalker has a playdate at his new preschool. It's only 45 minutes long. Depending on how well the Princess has recovered, I might ask Vader to go in a little late that day and stay home with her. When I first read about this I thought it was an office visit. Maybe it is for older kids. But Albany Med called this morning to do a "pre-surgery" interview and it sounds a bit more than an office visit. It's not at the hospital, it's at the outpatient place that SkyWalker had his surgery but it doesn't sound like a 10 minute thing. She might need more recovery than I initially thought.

I am trying hard to channel Positive Polly.

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