Friday, August 1, 2008


Shinesalot and Littleman have just left for a party with her former coworkers. SkyWalker was not happy. He just wanted Littleman to stay home with him. I was hoping to have some kind of distraction today but it just didn't work out that way... he was so totally sad it has completely broken my heart. I cried as they drove away. I cried as I tried to explain to SkyWalker why he couldn't go with him. And I cried carrying the Princess upstairs for her nap because I could just see how horrible tomorrow will be. Today is just a few hours of no Littleman. Tomorrow is a really long time. I'm hoping we can go to the beach and meet some friends there so that when they leave (from the beach) we will both have distractions. But I don't know if the weather will cooperate. 

We swam in our new pool and although it doesn't look like it should it was perfect for my little ones. It was great but unfortunately the Princess's right eye is red and irritated. Not the whites, but the skin around the eye. I think that she rubbed sand in her eye from playing in the sand box after the pool. I hope that's what happened. If it was the pool I think it would have been both her eyes. I gave her some benedryl just in case and she's napping now. Hopefully she will take a nice long nap and wake up happy and fine. 

SkyWalker is watching Dora and laying his head on my lap. He is tired and sad and just asked me when Littleman is coming back here. Watching him play with Littleman has been so bittersweet. He's been doing great playing with other kids, but it's clear that he has this comfort with Littleman that he doesn't have with anyone else. This bond that is so sweet and heartbreaking. He is leaning against me and clearly in need of some loving.

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Felice said...

It does sound bittersweet. I hope the departure wasn't too hard for everyone. What am I saying? I'm sure it was. It just stinks when friends live far away.

Bee said...

I'm glad to hear that you could enjoy your time with Shine and LM, even if it was a little bittersweet... It's sad that it was such a short visit, but awesome that you got to spend more than one time hanging out...