Monday, August 11, 2008

random city

I wear monkey socks that don't match my clothes and get annoyed when I'm supposed to coordinate. 

I am so lazy I don't even do kegels. 
I drive to my mailbox.
My toes are hairy.
Sometimes I am less than 100 pounds. 
I wish I was not lazy.
I wish I exercised instead of blogged. 
I wish I could kick someone's ass. No one in particular. Just anyone really. 
I wish my husband got home before 10 on Mondays. 
Sometimes I am afraid to have more kids. 
Sometimes I am afraid to not have more kids. 
I want my iPod to hold a damn charge.
I have not watched the Olympics. I just don't turn the TV on anymore.
My head is itchy.
I am convinced we're going to get encephalitis from the mosquito bites. 
My MIL told me that and I am easily suggestible.
Sometimes I think my friends don't actually like me and it's all a big conspiracy. They're all in it together and I'm like Carrie. 
I love that my kids sleep upstairs far away from me. 
Sometimes I wish my dogs did too.
But most of the time I need my dogs near me. 
I don't really like food. There are some foods I like but I don't like food in general. 
It's not easy being me. 
The grass is always greener.
My husband is finally home. 

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wickedlibrarian said...

I wish I didn't like food. Bill doesn't much like food either - he considers the act of eating as an interruption to his day. Which is so completely the opposite of how I view food... I'm normally counting the minutes until I get to eat again.
But, I guess we all have our own little woes to face, don't we? ^_^

Jedi Mama said...

Like everything else a little moderation is good. I would rather be able to go out to a restaurant without knowing what the menu is first. Or stop at Burger King before I go to a wedding because I know I won't like any of the food there. It's almost impossible to cook for me so back in the day when we had friends who invited us over for dinner it would always be some kind of take-out like pizza.