Sunday, August 17, 2008

The post I shouldn't write

Six years ago my husband and I were getting married. 

Today my husband is staining the deck. 

I'm pretty sure, unless a miracle occurs, that the jedi and I will be going to dinner alone. SkyWalker has his heart set on going to Denny's. I'm not sure how he knew but he asked on Friday if we could go and I said no and then on Saturday and I said no and I told him that maybe we'd go on Sunday for our anniversary. I could stay home and make a dinner that I don't want to make and watch my husband scarf it down as he goes back outside to finish what he's doing, but what's the point? I decided last month that I was in charge of my happiness right? Rather than be pissed at him I think we're just going without him. It's not like I ask for much. I don't ask for jewelry or presents. I don't expect gifts. All I ask is a card (have yet to see that today) and dinner. We don't go out to eat every weekend. We rarely go out to eat at all actually. So on "special" days I like to have someone else cook and clean up afterwards. 

I'm going to wait until 5:30 and then we're heading out. With or without him.

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little white whale said...

I really admire you're attitude. I'd be pissed. I hope it all works out for you...happy anniversary.

Jedi Mama said...

We did go without him and the kids were great. And now we're not speaking to each other. Happy Anniversary to me!