Friday, August 15, 2008

The planets must be aligned

SkyWalker is napping.

Ironically enough we did absolutely nothing today. It's been rainy and yucky and we all wanted a pajama day so I cancelled our playdate. The Princess napped in the morning for a good 1 1/2 hours and SkyWalker and I watched Toy Story together. We were all playing in the office after lunch and then the Princess was whiny and cranky and yawning and even though she had only been up for 2 hours I put her upstairs for a nap. That was over an hour ago. SkyWalker was whiny and crying because I brought her upstairs and I left him in the living room while I went back to the office. I heard a door shut. I went upstairs and he had gone outside to play with the water table. I opened the door and he saw me and he jumped with a little guilty look on his face. I told him to get inside rather forcefully and he immediately started crying like a big baby. I grabbed him and carried him upstairs and put him in time out in his room. That was a while ago. I switched the monitor to his room to hear what he was doing and all I heard was breathing! I really hope we don't pay for this at 3 am... but I think both of them must have needed the sleep after having such a busy week. 

I have laundry to fold and dishes to do and flannelboards to make. And I have to think about dinner since Vader will actually be home at 5:30 tonight. Shocking. I also have to shower since I am going out tonight. I will probably do none of that and just be on the internets until they wake up and then run around scrambling to get things done. Good intentions right?

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northerngeek said...

I'm lovin the nicknames