Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Progress. Again.

Back in January I wrote this: I made three NY resolutions: a) To get up earlier in the morning instead of running up the stairs when I have to feed the Princess. b) To make a new friend(s) c) To not let myself turn into the bitter, angry, depressed person that I am becoming.

Two out of three isn't bad right? I just cannot get myself up in the morning. My alarm goes off at 6, I take my temperature and stay right where I am until SkyWalker comes down at 7. Each morning I think I could get up and have a cup of tea before I see my children and check my e-mail in peace and just be me. And each morning I am a lazy piece of crap who does not get out of bed. I will have to soon enough when SkyWalker is in preschool 3 days a week and I'll need to have myself dressed and ready before breakfast so I can concentrate on getting them dressed and ready. 

But I'm doing pretty damn well on the other two. It took me 7-8 months but I think I can officially say I have new friends now. And I have been much happier and much less angry and bitter. 

I also wrote this in January:

1. As already discussed I have miserably failed at number 1. 
2. I'm reading again. Family reading time has kind of gone by the wayside since we're doing so many playdates. 
3. I don't get simultaneous naptime anymore since SkyWalker hasn't napped since January!
4. We've been doing pretty well with this too. We've actually been spending more time not at home than at home lately!
5. No more drama.
6. Mostly. I just can't let go of the passive-aggressive sarcasm. Sue me.
7. Did that.
8. I think so. This doesn't necessarily mean filling every day with activities, but just enjoying what we're doing, whether it be nothing or a playdate. 

Ironically as I am typing this my son is whining about wanting me to go downstairs in the office with him and my daughter is refusing to nap even though she's yawning and tired. This *could* be one of those times when I would get stressed and annoyed and unhappy. But we had a GREAT morning when our new friends came over for a spontaneous playdate. It was just what we needed and we had SUCH a good time that I am still at peace and not letting the whininess of my children overwhelm me. And there, the whininess is done so I'm off to play.

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hamikka said...

Well, it sounds like you're busier, so you could probably use the sleep. You're doing great, don't kick yourself because you're not up with the cows.
Disclosure: I usually set my alarm for 6, planning on exercise and yoga and stuff, and usually hit snooze until 7 am. All that will change now that Sin doesn't have to leave the house at 5:30 anymore.

bookishbiker said...

I think you hit the FAR more important items on your list, so good for you!!!! I am another one of those people who has lofty plans for getting up first thing.. until morning actually arrives. Maybe you should just say screw it and sleep until you really DO have to get up. Maybe I should, too!