Thursday, August 7, 2008

My day

Before I forget--I am enjoying the Shark Steam Mop. The floor expert in the house was less than impressed and would not use it on his hardwood floors. I definitely have to sweep up before I use it in the bathrooms, but it does a good job of cleaning the piss off the floor and that is what I got it for. The swiffer left a sticky residue. The hoover floormate worked well, but was a pain in the ass with the filling and emptying. In an ideal world I will use the Shark weekly and then maybe once a month use the hoover to really suck the dirt up. It works perfectly for what I need it for--piss.

Alrighty then.

At 7:30 when the Princess woke up she had a 100.3 fever. I gave her breakfast and took her temp again and it was 100. I gave her a little motrin mostly because I thought it was her molars and I wanted to nip the fever in the bud. She was acting normally and went down for a nap. We went to the beach and had a great time despite the weather forecast of rain. Yeah, for once it did not rain on my parade. Well, not at the beach. She was a little bipolar... having loads of fun one minute and then whining/crying the next. She felt warm but so did I. When she started shivering I figured it was time to go. 

We got home at 2:40ish and I took her temp and it was 103.7. I gave her more motrin (she responds better to that than tylenol) and put her down for a nap. I took a shower to get ready for work and planned to wait and see because that's what I like to do. But my gut kept telling me that I can't wait and see with this kid. So I got out of the shower and called the pediatrician and explained that she had a slight fever this morning and was teething and she was just at the beach desperately hoping that she was just a little overheated. But neither the molars nor the beach would give her a fever so high. So we packed up and headed to the doc. 

Just as we got there at 4 p.m. the skies exploded and the rain poured down. That was fun. They poked and prodded her and she cried and screamed. They had to get rid of the was in her ears before they could see anything. Luckily they were indeed red and she just has an ear infection. She has been pulling on her ears so I was hoping that was the cause. If she still has a fever in 48 hours I have to get her back there and cath her for a UTI. But I really do think it's her ears. We got in the car at 5 and I called Vader to make sure he was going to leave work at a reasonable time and to pick up dinner since we had to get the prescription filled. We figured we'd both be home by 6. 

There was a crapload of traffic in the good ol' city of Albany but it was going the opposite way that I had to so I thought I would be alright as I left the parking lot. Then when I got down to the end of the street I realized what was going on. It was completely flooded! I managed to turn around and waiting for-freaking-ever and finally had enough of that and managed to turn around one more time so I could cut through a parking lot. I got back out to where I needed to be, in the opposite direction of everyone else and thought things were looking up. This was at 5:30ish. Then I got to where I needed to get on the damn bridge and ha! Another street flooded. This time I had no idea where I had to go. On a whim I followed another car and it actually led me to 787. I wound up going north when I probably wanted to go south. I got stuck in more friggin' traffic. At 6 pm I made it to Wal-Mart in the 'bush. We were all tired and hungry and cranky. Did I mention that the entire time we were stuck in traffic the Princess whined and cried? Yeah. Fun. We had to wait "25 minutes" for her augmentin. So we bought this:

Because baby girls who get poked and prodded while having high fevers deserve to get their first bicycles. 

We left Wal-Mart at 6:45 and made it home for dinner at 7. My poor baby girl was so tired that she pointed to her crib. Sadly, I had to give her a bath, not only because she had been swimming in the lake but also because her fever was still high. She laid down at 8 and immediately put her little heiney up in the air in the classic "I'm going to sleep now so get out here" pose. I have not heard a peep out of her. I did give her some tylenol though.

I've canceled our playdate tomorrow. I think we all need to sleep late and not worry about getting dressed and cleaning the house. I have a feeling she will be a little needy tomorrow and she certainly needs the rest that having boys running around the house will not bring. And Mama needs to not play hostess and to just be Mama.

And that was my day.

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Felice said...

Ugger. That sounds completely awful. I really hope it is all from the ear infection and not anything else. You need a BREAK!

Jedi Mama said...

her fever is gone now so I think it is just the ears. I just gave her motrin anyway because she has done nothing but yell and throw herself at me repeatedly. I think her ears might actually *hurt*.

Gina said...

Yikes, sorry you had to deal with all of that. I hope she feels better soon and I'm glad you guys made it out of the flood zone safely!!

Shinesalot said...

Holy crap - just got to a minute to sit and read - and holy crap that is pretty damn awful. Poor little girl...but I know she'll love her new pink and purple tricycle. I think those colors have natural healing powers over princesses! Oh, and that shark mop sounds very nice....

Bee said...

That is so crappy... The bike is wicked cute, though, and I am sure she totally appreciated your thoughtfulness!