Wednesday, August 27, 2008


After two weeks of being busy busy busy, the jedi and I have no plans this week. We were supposed to go to the fair today but they have runny noses and SkyWalker declared this morning that he was coughing and is sick. I'm also anticipating not being able to walk very much today and if I take my medication possibly not being able to drive. And the Princess is down to one nap now, right when we would be there. But really, the real reason we are not going is because the Princess has her deflux procedure in exactly one week and I kept thinking about all the germs she could pick up from people and animals and I decided to just be paranoid and play it safe and stay home. I know it's not logical, and the next time your 15 month old kid is going under anesthesia, for a second time, you can tell me I'm crazy.

Instead we are watching Curious George, the movie, and chilling out today. I haven't even done the dishes yet. 

The Princess walks. Everywhere. She's been taking a lot more steps and doing well and most people would have claimed the official walking last week. But yesterday she just took off. I don't think she's stopped yet. Right now she is walking holding on to her Dora "mp3" player and dancing. I got her walking on video yesterday, at nearly 15 1/2 months, just like her brother. It was particularly nice since my sister was up for a visit so she got to see it first hand. She is unbelievable cute and so proud of herself. 

I've been trying to get SkyWalker to write his name, especially since he is going to preschool in 2 weeks. He claimed he couldn't and wouldn't even try. Each night that Vader puts him to bed they always go over the globe (he can tell you where an astounding number of countries are) and the "board" which is a dry erase board that Vader writes words on and SkyWalker reads them. I told Vader last week that I wanted him to work on writing his name, since he refused to try with me. Last night Vader was patching the driveway at bedtime, and SkyWalker asked to do the board with me. I wrote his name and he declared "I can write my name too". And sure enough the little poophead did it. For some reason he's more willing to learn from Daddy. 

He's also wearing underwear at night now. He's been getting himself dressed every morning, because he pees the bed every morning. Who knew that's what I had to do to get him dressed? Curiously he peed (the bed) in the middle of the night so he was dry in the morning. So he didn't get dressed. But he did get himself dressed as I got the Princess dressed. So we're making progress. We'll probably have wet beds for another week or two, but for the most part he's been doing it in the morning so he hasn't been waking us up in the middle of the night. I don't care so much about washing sheets constantly. I just don't want to hear the whining at 3 am! He's doing better though. 

I think I am ready to take a nap now but I doubt that's in the cards for me today. I have to work tonight so I'll have to get ready while the Princess is sleeping. After tonight I only have one more Wednesday night to work and then I'm done to just one night a week. I can't wait. 


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Felice said...

On the learning from Daddy thing -- um, I think we all probably know that the mens teach better. It's just what the mens do. The ladies are nice and all, but the mens can teach. Enjoy your quiet day!

Jedi Mama said...

SkyWalker couldn't have said it better himself. thanks for the laugh!